A monumental national victory for all Myanmar

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It is widely accepted that the youth of today can become a dynamic force of development if they are chockablock with the opportunities they need to thrive. Yet the country’s frustrating political climate is the most serious challenge to empowering young people to reach their full potential and contribute to national development. It seems that our country needs to train the youth to be able to tackle persistent social and economic disparities.
Adequate investments in human capital among young people will be highly beneficial for social and economic development, while failure to do so will pose an obstacle to the implementation of the country’s development goal. No firm will ever hire uneducated youth. The problem does not stop there. High unemployment is a factor associated with social and political instability.
It is interesting to note that the spell of poverty is not about a lack of money but a paucity of choices and opportunities. The government should, therefore, take the lead in the development of human resources and ensure that the youth of today require the skills they need, in partnership with private institutions and civil society.
We are all obliged to leave a proud legacy of youth empowerment. According to the national census taken in 2014, young people account for 28% of the country’s population of 53 million. We should all play an active role in educating, engaging and empowering the youth of today in the fight against poverty and for social justice and social mobility. After all, setting a goal is fundamental to achieving it. Only then will our collective efforts will yield a monumental victory for the entire population.

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