About 500,000 tourists visit Mandalay in 2018

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Tourists visit an ancient Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay. Photo: Than Min Zaw (IPRD)

over 3.5 million tourists visited Myanmar in 2018, with about 492,097 travellers heading to the Mandalay Region, according to official statistics from the Mandalay Region’s Directorate of Hotels and Tourism.
Tourists who visited Mandalay were mostly from China, France, Thailand, and Germany. They visited some well-known landmarks such as the U Bein bridge, the Taungthaman lake, the Kuthodaw pagoda, the Mya Nan San Kyaw Golden Palace, the Maha Muni Buddha Image, the around Mandalay hill, and other ancient buildings and pagodas in the region.
According to statistics from the Mandalay Region’s Directorate of Hotels and Tourism, the region hosted 75,727 tourists in 2010, 99,016 tourists in 2011, 160,975 tourists in 2012, 219,518 tourists in 2013, 242,566 tourists in 2014, 306,432 tourists in 2015, 385,031 tourists in 2016, 483,784 tourists in 2017, and 492,097 tourists in 2018.
In 2018, about 1,335,714 tourists arrived in Myanmar via air, 9,370 travellers came to the country on board cruise ships, and 53,014 tourists entered the country through the border gates. A total of 3,551,428 tourists visited Myanmar, of which 1,398,098 tourists travelled to the country on a visa, while 2,153,330 tourists gained entry with a border pass.

Than Min Zaw (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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