Actions to be taken against those who make false statements


At the Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards Presentation Ceremony for 2017 held at Myanmar Event Park, Yangon on 23 March 2018, Pianist Tin Win Hlaing was awarded the best music award and in his acceptance speech and in his meeting with the media after the event included personal attacks and untrue accusations against the Ministry of Information and Myanma Radio and Television. The personal attacks and accusations were put up online and this notification is being issued in order to inform the public that the points mentioned were not true.
The main attacks and accusations of Pianist (U) Tin Win Hlaing are being explained as follows.

(a) “Chay Chay Myit Myit Nhit Nhit Kar Kar” (meaningful and vital) programme was not broadcast for more than a year: This programme was broadcast every Tuesday evening by MRTV and episode 152 was broadcast on 20 March. The programme contributor’s family was contacted repeatedly between June 2017 to 22 March 2018 but daughter of (U) Tin Win Hlaing replied that (U) Tin Win Hlaing had to undergo an eye surgery and to continue the shooting of the programme only after the Academy Awards Ceremony.
(b) “Not a single RCA stylus left in hand”: This is totally untrue. RCA (Radio Corporation of America) record players were used by Myanmar Radio for more than 70 years. Although the original manufacturer has ceased production of spare styluses, MRTV has collaborated with foreign experts to repair and use a machine. The songs on records and tapes were being digitalized using modern machineries and digitization of more than 123,148 songs was completed. Digitization of television and radio programs is ongoing and the statement “Myanma Radio will be submerged in the ground” is totally untrue.
(c) “Recording of songs is costly. Without money no records are made”: This is not an accusation against an entity but the entire government and the ministries. If money had to be paid, report can be made to the relevant ministry (or) the Anti-Corruption Commission. Investigations and actions were being taken against any complaints. It is unacceptable to make such an unfounded accusation against entities and ministries.
(d) It is totally untrue that Pianist (U) Tin Win Hlaing could not come near the Union Minister. He never contacted MRTV, Ministry of Information office, other entities or staff of Ministry of Information verbally, in writing, through telephone or email or in person to meet with the Union Minister. There are no records of officials from the ministry preventing a meeting or ignoring a request for a meeting with the Union Minister.
(e) His accusations are personal attacks as well as inappropriate against Tatmadaw personnel who were transferred to the civilian part of the public service. If any of the personnel are not serving according to the public servant regulations, official written complaint that includes name(s) should be made. But the unsubstantiated accusation against all Tatmadaw personnel who were transferred to the civilian part of the public service is just an unsubstantiated accusation.
The slanderous unsubstantiated accusations of Pianist (U) Tin Win Hlaing were being relayed on the social media network and the media. To prevent the public from being misled, relevant entities will issue open letters about the event, conduct press conferences and interview relevant personnel.
Legal action will also be taken against those who make such false statements as well as those who relay those false statements.

Information Team of Ministry of Information
26 March 2018
(Unofficial Translation)

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