Akha National Development Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Akha National Development Party Chairman U Tun Aung presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Esteemed people and voters
I would greet you all with our Akha auspicious word “Nee Sar Ovq Luvq-ur” meaning I wish you all health and happiness. I am U Tun Aung, Chairman of Akha National Development Party. We are an ethnic group living in the areas on the east bank of Thanlwin River in eastern Shan State. We are the people who have preserved our dress and cultural heritage until now. We have been holding cultural festivals such as new year festival, swing festival and harvesting festival to uplift our integrity. Now, I will explain the slogan, flag and logo of the party.
The slogan of the party is “Raise integrity through the Unity”, meaning every nationality has the obligation for the development of the race, region and nation.
The flag has a red colour at the centre circled by yellow, green, white and blue which represents the equality among all the nationalities of the Union under the Sun.
The party’s logo is a swing, which in Akha language, means unity.

Esteemed people and voters
National development depends on political parties. Only the members of the political parties can reach the grassroots in the places they are living and know the actual situation. The party has laid down the policies since its establishment. I will present some of our policies. We believe that only the Akha people can discover and understand the basic requirements for the development of their social, health, education and economic sectors; and that they will be the only persons that can render effective and broader assistance in looking into those requirements. We also believe that only the Akha people can help solve their own problems.

Ethnic affairs
The Union of Myanmar is formed with 135 different nationalities. The party believes that only ethnic races can ensure equality among them and minority rights.
There will be internal peace, ethnic unity and progress only if the State, the Tatmadaw and all the nationalities have mutual trust and understanding, and that is also our belief.
We accept that only with the respect for and understanding of the diversity of names, localities, political ideologies of all ethnic races, will we be able to uplift the integrity of every nationality. We must also place in the fore Our Three Main National Causes — Non-disintegration of the Union, Non-disintegration of national solidarity and Perpetuation of sovereignty.
The participation of ethnic representatives in the Union level law-making bodies to address the ethnic affairs under the 2008 Constitution is the mission of the party. Only then will the multiparty democracy of the country be meaningful.
We will achieve success in building a multiparty democratic nation only if the efforts are based on mutual trust and cooperation between the State, the Tatmadaw of the Union, departmental personnel, political parties.

The role of the Tatmadaw
Peace among the ethnic races must be restored for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to stand tall till the end of the world, and Union Tatmadaw must be the only armed institution. We also believe that a modern Tatmadaw must be built to ensure eternal peace, to defend the country against alien enemies and to raise the dignity of the country.
According to the country’s current situation, we believe that the Tatmadaw must be in the vital role in the political transition process for a certain length of time for ensuring peace and stability and the rule of law.

Work programmes
Akha people will cordially join hands with all other nationalities of the Union. We will systematically carry out primary ground surveys, statistical analysis and reviews, and also adopt strategies and tactical plans for human resources development undertakings including economic, education, social and health sectors. In this regard, the party has been steadfastly implementing the political, social and education sectors of Akha people.

Esteemed people, voters and ethnic race of eastern Shan State
We will field three candidates in the coming 2020 multiparty democracy election. So we request the Akha people and all other nationalities of eastern Shan State to vote in support of our party with the logo of a Swing as it will play a role in raising the dignity of the nationality, the region and the nation. I wish you all peace. With this, I conclude.

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