Alarm bells ring over corruption

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Freedom from corruption is the sine qua non for building a clean government and for good governance, and it is also connected with foreign investments and the image of our country. Fighting corruption is one of the priorities of the incumbent government. As the Hluttaw approved the four bills on amending the Anti-Corruption Law, the Anti-Corruption Commission would step up its efforts to increase the reach of anti-corruption investigations.
Corruption and bribery are crimes, which should not be tolerated in our country. The Anti-Corruption Commission’s aim is to lift the moral standard of our citizens while they are still young.
The commission said in its report on 13 May that it has not made the cases, which are under investigation, public.
It is learnt that 88 judiciary officials and 50 employees from the Immigration and Population Department have been punished under the civil service law, ringing alarm bells among the commission and bringing about a resolve to wipe out corruption in our society.
It is the duty of the Anti-Corruption Commission to point out the weaknesses and combat this malpractice with a conscientious spirit. The President has urged the commission to openly report about possible interference by those in authority in anti-corruption cases and any abuse of power in defending the accused.
The mission of the commission is to prevent corruption across the nation and to investigate complaints.
Meanwhile, the work of the commission must be implemented ethically, with accountability and transparency. The making of rules and regulations for investigations is essential for the commission to be able to implement its works with accountability.
Combating corruption needs an all-inclusive approach with long-term plans and it starts
with educational efforts to change attitudes towards bribery and malpractice, especially among young people.
The commission is making many systematic moves, such as giving educative lessons, improving morality and taking preventive measures across the country.
Widespread corruption in a country could result in poverty. Anti-corruption is the duty of every citizen. Our citizens are also obliged not to neglect or forgive the act of taking bribes.
Corruption can be eradicated only when the integrity of people is raised. It cannot be done solely by the Anti-Corruption Commission or a single responsible organization. That is why cooperation and education are playing a key part in fighting corruption.

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