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Arrangements made to be able to buy fertilizer at cheaper rate

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The meeting between the Bago Region chief minister and fertilizer producers in progress.

The purchase of fertilizers at cheaper rates in agriculture sector was discussed in meeting with fertilizer producers at Bago Region Government Office.
At the meeting, Bago Region Chief Minister U Myo Swe Win said that the socio-economic lives of rural farmers could be improved only if the inputs needed for agriculture could be purchased cheaply and easily.
The purpose of the meeting was to make it easier for farmers to buy the necessary fertilizers, he said.
He added that farmers should get accustomed to using natural fertilizers in agricultural sector.
Officials from CPP Myat Min Co Ltd, Royal Greensmart Co Ltd and Myanmar Agro Eagle Co Ltd explained the operation of fertilizer factories, production and requirements and Bago Region government officials and regional level officials raised questions.
Then, the Chief Minister said that farmers could produce safe agricultural products for consumers without reduction of the per-acre yield by using locally produced organic fertilizers that are cheaper than using imported ones.
Relevant departments must scrutinize and inform the selection of organic fertilizers produced in the region according to the crops grown, he added.
He called for the use of organic fertilizers at the village level and the establishment of model plantations at the village level to create a strong market for chemical-free crops. —MNA

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