Asian Development Bank assists power substation upgrade in KhinU Township

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Workers arrange steel plates for a power substation in KhinU, Sagaing Region. Photo: KhinU Soe Wai

A power substation in KhinU Township, Shwebo District, Sagaing Region, has currently been upgraded to 10MVA from the existing 33/11KV and 3MVA transformers, according to the township electricity department.
U Min Aung, electrical engineer from the township, said that there are a total of 7,069 electric power consumers in the township, and upon completion of the project, the department hopes to fully supply power to end-users and to fulfill the growing local consumption than before.
With the use of loans from Asian Development Bank (ADB), the project is now nearing completion and is expected to be finalized very soon.
Under the project, the department is replacing all existing 33/11KV and 3MVA transformers with new 10MVA transformers, 11KV control panels and related accessories.
The country’s electricity demand is increasing annually. According to experts’ estimation, the electricity consumption of the country is likely to rise three-fold within a decade. Compared to other regions, Yangon, as the largest commercial city, consumes nearly half of the country’s total electricity generation.
The Ministry of Electricity and Energy is putting up concerted efforts to generate more electricity to offer better services to consumers.


KhinU Soe Wai

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