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Aviation means the science of flying air-craft. Flying an air-craft up in the air is very scientific and risky also. So, systematic modifications have been made to the basic designs of air-craft. It started from playing the sport of flying gliders. A glider is an air-craft without engine. The stage of an airplane is step by step improved nowadays. A air-plane has one, two or four engines with propellers. More- over, jet engines were invented for about six decades ago. In the olden days, passenger liners air-craft were propeller driven, low level flying air-craft. In those days, speed of the air-craft were double or treble than the fastest vehicles on land. eg, spid-fire B29, B52 bombers in Viet Nam war.
Now, in our modern world jet engine driven air-crafts are introduced, Likewise, the speed of the jet planes are terribly faster than the former planes of low level air-craft. They are known as super sonic jet plane, eg: MIG series (Russia) Air-bus(France) fighter plane F27, F28, Boeing 747 (USA) for examples :U2 jet plane and latest B I (invisible) Father more, in this present world today, the scientific progress is tremendous that we have already invented satellites and which were made used of communication — satellites (ie: for sending back to the earth telephone messages, radio TV signal, data singles for navigational purposes and so on.
On the other hand, a missile which is a powerful weapon is sent through the air towards a distant target. To there PADS should have been launched PADS. A PAD is a base or plat-form from which space-crafts etc are launched.
By the way, travel through space to other planets, today, spacecrafts, space capsules, space-vehicles are used for travel beyond the earth’s atmosphere.
Today’s new world has been changed to a global village for all human beings. Ways of communication, transportation, weapones, such as nuclear are missiles to destroy the target, too, very terrifying us nowadays.
A glimpse of an International Air-port, Mingaladon, Yangon, Myanmar Air-Craft Run- way
Construction of Run-way comprises suitable length and width running straight line in parallel together with a taxi-way.
Air-craft Maneuvering Area
is an area between Taxi-way and air-craft parking area, in front of Airport Terminal Building.
Air-port Terminal Building
is a very large spacious building comprising wide waiting-halls for Pax from air-craft Arrival/ Departure and X’sit Air-craft.
Room for registered Air liners Co;
Room for Immigration Custom and Health Dept;
Room for Information svc and money changer;
Room for shopping varieties;
Room for Airport hotel and restaurants;
Expanded land space for flower garden for pax recreation.
Expanded Building : for Radio Communication Centre providing Radio facilities to ground to ground , teleprinters, Radio Beacons for air-craft in flt and A.T.0 (Air traffic control) on request by approach and tower controls for ARR/DEP/ o’flying air-craft. There exist a briefing office for air-craft at Area control Tower. Air pilot or personal concerned from Air-line have to come and prepare DEP-Plan prior to Air-craft Departure (Local or External) Attached to it is Metrological office to provide WX-aid (present wx/fore-cast) to air-craft as required, and Area Controls. Air-port Fire-brigade kepts on alert for 24 huors in case of occasional air-craft on fire, air crash etc to render putting out fire and for emergency rescue and survival of air crew and pax in distress. A military base 502 wing of (B.A.F) also kept there in Mingalardon Airport for communication with B.A.F Air-craft and for necessary measures to be taken in Military affairs.
Just as there is scientific improvement in this world, it is also, necessary to lay down rules and regulations by the International Civil Aviation organizations  concerned so as to enable operation in occurdance with the Laws, Rules and regulations.
So far, existing Quardrantal flight Rules for all air-craft ( civil and military alike) still are obeyed strictly to get rid of unnecessary mortality, and also to survive longer life in this lovely and modern world. We all air and ground crew to co-operate hand in hand for the safe travel in-the air, and all our customers travelling by airplane owe the debt of gratitude to whom once made a sport of flying like birds in the sky, in EUROPE, in the past century, and compilers of Aviation Rules and regulations for our safe journeys by planes or satellite to outer world (planet) crossing atmosphere.

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