Awareness is ultimate value of life

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Raising awareness is the highest value of practice in life. If awareness and preparedness cannot be developed, consequences could not be filtered or reduced during bitter experiences.
In many circumstances, knowledge and awareness play roles in prevention of life-threatening incidents. While decreasing the tragic events of violence, awareness should be raised to save lives around the world.
Cyclone Nargis made landfall in Myanmar on May 2, 2008, crossing the south of Myanmar over two days. The severe destructive cyclone in some decades seriously hit Ayeyawady delta, leaving the death toll of more than 80 thousand people and around 50 thousand went mission in accordance with official figures. A total of 37 townships were utterly affected by the cyclone.
The UN estimated that as many as 2.4 million people were affected, including from separation of family members to forcing affected people into domestic or foreign migration. As the current generation has not experienced such powerful disaster, awareness and preparedness measures were not in ready due to the lack of such knowledge.
The affected people hoped for a return to normalcy in the aftermath of Nargis cyclone. As humanitarian assistance could not live up their expectation, these people had to seek jobs away from home, and some of them fell into victims of human trafficking gangs.
Although natural disaster cannot be stopped, knowledge and preparedness are crucial for reduction of bad consequences. The work of recovery and rehabilitation is long-term after a damaging natural disaster as some donors failed to keep their pledges all their pledges for humanitarian assistance.
Awareness programmes should be fully launched as severe disasters could cost many lives, along with many complications impacting on the development of the country.

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