Bagan-NyaungU Archaeological zone to get smoke-free areas

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General Administation Department officials from Bagan and NyuangU discuss planning smoke-free zones in the cultural heritage zone during a meeting at the District General Adminstration Department yesterday. photo: mna

To designate smoke-free areas in the Bagan-NyaungU Archeaological zone, a coordination meeting was held at 10 a.m. on 6 June at the District General Administration Department.
“We will implement smoke-free zones in 29 areas in Bagan that meet the self-norms and the project will begin in July. Therefore, the concerned officials from the selected areas need to cooperate in this project. We are trying to designate the entire cultural heritage zone of Bagan as a smoke-free zone,” said U Soe Tint, an administrator from NyaungU District.
The 29 planned smoke-free zones are 17 pagodas and three state schools in Bagan and NyaungU townships, the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism, the Information Center, the NyaungU Airport, the Social Welfare Department, the Bagan Lacquerware Museum and Institute, the NyaungU District Hospital, the Bagan Archaeological Museum, the Nyaunglatphtkan hill, and the Sulamani sunset hill. —Pheng Ling (Bagan)
(Translated by La Wonn)

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