Be a good loser and never be a born loser!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Generally speaking, in the world, we—worldly beings have to work for our survival. In doing so, sometimes our efforts to achieve our aims may be harsh, but sometimes we find it easy to fulfill our needs. When we experience success and failure, usually we only have results or fruits of our contributions directly whereas spirits of emulation, pleasure and annoyance may spread to others in our surrounding. The period of our effort may last long and during this period they pay little attention to our endeavors and excitement. That is because it is generally thought that we have no contestants or rivals. In fact, we have rivals in such conditions. These are difficulties or hindrances, trials and tribulations which are faced in our efforts. Really, we compete with these difficulties or tribulations. If we win, we are said to be successful. If difficulties overwhelm us, our attempt is said to be a failed one. But they are not our foes.
    Contrariwise, in a situation in which people or organizations compete with each other for something that not everyone can have, we must vie with each other. The period of competition is short, so outsiders or viewers nearby may be excited. Vicarious happiness, joy, excitement and anger may spread to others in the surrounding. We see many kinds of competitions almost everywhere and every time, especially in sports, games and events. Contestants vie with each other for the first position. But they are not enemies. They have the same goal, to get the first prize or trophy. Only one has the right to become a champion. Another kind of competition is the 2015 November General Elections and the 2017 April by-elections which we have had very recently. Election means the process of choosing a person or a group of people for a position for something, especially a political position, by voting. And, a general election means an election in which all the people of a state or country vote to choose a government. Being the events in which candidates try to compete for parliamentary seats, elections attract people’s attentions mostly. Candidates can achieve success when the majority of eligible voters cast their votes for them. Although all candidates wish to win, there can be only one winner. Elected ones are winners with defeated ones regarded to be losers. Here, a loser should not be depressed. So long as he does not yet lose his hope, he may become a winner, on one condition that he needs to try hard to be qualified with abilities of a trust-worthy candidate for the people in the next elections and by-elections which are to come. A loser is not an enemy of the people or vice versa. Trying to get Metta – – Loving kindness of the people is a wholesome deed. Loving-kindness reflects a similar effect and we cannot achieve it by cruel or dubious ways. To sum it up, we should be good losers and we should not be born losers.
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