Be disciplined to avoid pouring water on the sand

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Myanmar imposed new Coronavirus restrictions in Sittway, the capital city of Rakhine, as some new cases were confirmed in recent days. It has caused much pain and anguish for the locals resulting from contravening the rules and orders of the Ministry of Health and Sports to contain COVOD-19 disease. Both the government and private sectors would have to pay a certain cost in both financial and human resources. For defeating the pandemic, it is required for everyone to remain disciplined. People need to follow the ‘new normal’ which has transformed their ordinary human behaviours in daily life. As we are living among the challenges of the pandemic, we should adapt ourselves to the “new normal” by letting go of our old ways of living.
Not to encounter the second wave of this disease, Myanmar people, both in rural and city areas, must adhere to the health regulations. Countries the world over have suffered the enormous cost of the Coronavirus disease. Myanmar needs to take lessons from other countries which are facing a resurgence of this pandemic. Myanmar is not a rich country, even in comparing with most of the neighbouring countries. Still, it has shown its better ability to control and prevent this disease with the broader participation of people. The government has firmly believed ‘People are the key’.
Keep on using a face mask and observing social distancing as a rule. These practices have been well recognized to prevent the spread of infection.
The government not only saved the country from the significant outbreak of this disease but also salvaged the national economy to a certain degree. In this circumstance, people should not pour water on the sand. Myanmar people need to adhere to the existing healthcare measures against the Coronavirus to prevent a stringent nationwide restriction. The battle could not be won just by restrictions but through awareness. In order to succeed in limiting losses to life and the economy, don’t raise your oars before crossing the finish line.

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