Beware of national traitors

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Myanmar is about to enter a historic period of peace, which will begin with a ceasefire between government troops and ethnic armed groups.
Recently, the union government and several ethnic armed groups agreed to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement on 15 October. The NCA is the most inclusive ceasefire deal in the history of Myanmar.
Members of the international community and the people of Myanmar hope the ceasefire agreement will end Myanmar’s 60-year civil war, the longest-running civil war in the world, which has caused widespread destruction across this impoverished country.
Now, it is time to rebuild the country without war. The international community is ready to help with the reconstruction efforts, while multinational corporations are waiting for the best time to invest in Myanmar.
It is time for Myanmar to show the international community that it is a responsible country. A responsible country must be able end its wars before it invests in growth. For no good reason should gunfire be heard in Myanmar after the government and the ethnic armed groups have signed ceasefire agreement in mid-October. All of the stakeholders have agreed to settle the political issue through dialogue. They must solve all problems on the table.
The party that fires a shot after the agreement is signed can push the country into a deep abyss once again.
Whoever violated this ceasefire agreement threatens Myanmar’s peace and will surely be considered national traitor by the entire people.

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