Beware of risks of bogus democracy

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  • In a message extended by President U Win Myint, on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, he mentioned that “we need to be aware of the risks of bogus democracy”. He said, “democracy-related risks involve people who do not want democracy, who wish to destroy democracy, who do not believe in democracy, who believe in democracy but wish to take democratic transition into their own hands leading to the revitalization of dictatorship, who misuse democracy in favour of dictatorship and who wish to take over people’s power not in line with democratic practices.”
    At a time when a Democratic Federal Union, aspired by all citizens, is being built through a collective strength, all nationalities need to be seriously cautious of those risks highlighted by the President. If these destructive elements gradually gain hold of the situation, it could negatively impact what the entire citizens had envisioned.
    We are, at present, marching towards the goal of democracy, thereby, genuinely implementing a true democratic system, the duration of which is still short. Undoubtedly, Myanmar would face challenges and difficulties in carrying out a genuine democratic system, as the country had been rooted under dictatorship for over half a century. Currently, while those who aspire to democracy are implementing a true democratic system, they are facing the risks created by people who do not want democracy.
    As a nascent democracy, it is going through a rough and dangerous path amidst turbulent storms. Caught unawares, the country not only risks from being pulled apart from democracy, but also the people’s aspiration of building a Democratic Federal Union might not be materialized. Therefore, people who want true democracy need to be aware of those risks.
    Democracy is endowed with Justice, Freedom and Equality. It leads to peace and development of the country and minimises the gap in prosperity of its citizens. It guarantees the right to survive, freedom and happiness of its people. According to an individual’s physical and mental power, the system also provides people with equal opportunities under the law. Genuine democracy is to be valued as it truly benefits all citizens. Consequently, a majority of the people wish for democracy. However, some people, working only for their own benefits, are trying to destroy it by their malicious schemes.
    Therefore, the entire nationalities need to be aware of the risks of bogus democracy, occurring at present, by practising “Oversight”, the theme of this year’s International Day of Democracy, so as to maintain and strengthen the country’s democratic path.
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