Bribery and Corruption, the Danger for National Security

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Numbers of people who fled Rakhine State into Bangladesh are increasing. Meanwhile, our country is making arrangements to systematically accept those who will come back into the country. It has been described in the notification 11/2017 issued by Myanmar National Human Rights Commission that it needs to systematically scrutinize so as not to include those who committed crimes and ARSA extremist terrorists in accepting Bengalis who fled the region, and simultaneously to lay stress on long-lasting co-existence in resettling them. The MNHRC included those facts in its recommendations after making investigations in the areas where conflicts took places.
    Local nationals and other minority groups as well expressed their worries over potential inclusion of criminals and terrorists mixed with those who will come back. And there are also people’s concerns over threats of Al Qaeda, IS and religious extremists from South East Asia.
    Although we are ready to fight against any military aggressions as for our national security, we must make systematically concerted efforts to remove terrorists and criminals under the disguise of refugees out of thousands of people who will enter the country. According a news item a foreign expert pointed out that a possible way for those kinds of people to come back into the country is none other than the way of giving a tidy fortune. We must take this fact into great consideration according to previous events.
    With a view to prevent the country from the dangers of uncivilized intruders, successive Chinese rulers built up the world-famous Great Wall by taking many years.
    It was great and strengthened so much so that it was wide enough to drive fast a chariot in some places on the wall. Yet, there were many intrusions through the Great Wall throughout their history. We had ever noted that such incidents were especially caused by internal traitors who exercised bribery and corruption. We must take a lesson from this example that a breach of the national security can happen at any time on account of such betrayals how much a wall is fortified.
    Last but not least, we hereby call for all our citizens full of patriotism and nationalism to monitor, find out and get rid of potential entry of extremist terrorists in various forms of disguise with the intention of creating destructive and terrorist attacks in the country, every time and everywhere.
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