Brighter Future Myanmar plans to quench thirst of people in Shan State

Kanbawza’s drinking water supply facility being seen  in Aungban .
Kanbawza’s drinking water supply facility being seen in Aungban .

AS El Nino is beginning to make its impact felt nation-wide, Kanbawza’s Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation is currently constructing a drinking water supply facility in Tunggyi to benefit more than 9,000 people facing a scarcity of drinking water in the region.
The tube well, being drilled at the Nagapwet Monastery in Shwetaung Ward in Taunggyi, will be outfitted with a 15,000-gallon concrete tank allowing it to pipe water to three monasteries and the people of three wards through a 7,600 foot long, 2-inch diameter pipe.
The facility is expected to be completed soon according to members of the foundation who are currently supervising the construction project.
Meanwhile, a tube-well in Aungban which was drilled in March of this year is currently producing 2,000 gallons of water per day, benefitting local people around the clock, it has been learned.
The water sourced from the tube well is stored in a 12,000-gallon concrete tank from where it is supplied to local people.

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