Bring honour to the State by winning sports events in SEA Games

At a time when the State flag is flapping in the wind, all citizens can heartily take pride in their triumphant events or measures in the sports competitions of the South-East Asian Games. So, every citizen of Myanmar can have goosebumps as a heartfelt feeling for winning the sports events.
All people wish to watch the efforts of athletes to win the sports events so as to fulfil the expectation of the entire Myanmar people. They all wish to see the flapping Union flag and listen to the singing of the national anthem of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
On the other hand, winning in sports uplifts the prestige of the State. Hence, the government is enhancing the skills of sports athletes in all genres to be able to sweep the medals in the SEA Games, the Asian Games and other international sports competitions. As such, the government has been providing monthly cash assistance to victorious athletes after they have turned 60 as part of honouring their endeavours in the sports arena.
On the occasion of the 77th Anniversary of Armed Forces Day in 2022, the government released the list of title recipients including 12 gold medalists in the Asian Games and 24 victorious athletes who bagged more than five gold medals to be conferred the Excellent Performance Award in Social Field (First Class). It is an encouragement to new generation athletes to bring honour to the State by bagging medals in the games.
The government has guaranteed to award K30 million to gold medallists, K20 million to silver medallists and K10 million to bronze medallists for athletes. Likewise, deserved cash rewards will be given to other athletes in the team-wise events, coaches and management teams.
At the ceremony of handing over the State flag to ensure success, the Head of State urged the athletes of Myanmar Sports Contingent to make utmost efforts in all sports events in order to flap the State flag and air the Myanmar national anthem as winning the victory over opponents in the coming SEA Games.
Every country is standing tall among other global countries and Myanmar is also taking a position in the world with prestige and integrity in all arenas. To be able to polish the image of the State, all selected Myanmar athletes are responsible for securing the medals in the sports competitions, especially in the SEA Games and the Asian Games.

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