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The other day, ceremonies in commemoration of the International Democracy Day were held in the country. Myanmar, our country has been moving towards a genuine democratic system, passing the transitional period for over 6 years. Accordingly, the period can be said to be just in its infancy.
After having lived under feudalism and colonialism, the country gained its Independence, heading for building up a democratic nation. Yet, as known by all, a one-party system and a dictatorship emerged in the country due to the weakness of the democratic system and splits among political parties. Thereafter, the people had to strive for many years in moving toward the goal of a democratic system, suffering myriad of woes.
Now is the time when our nation is passing through the transitional period towards democracy and making efforts to move on the correct path towards a genuine and more strengthened democratic nation. Our country can be likened to a boat trying to head for its destination in the stormy seas. In fact, we are heading for the democratic state, but we cannot set it up yet, till now. Some mistakenly believe that the country has already become a democratic nation, demanding full democratic rights.
During this transitional period, every individual is required to follow democratic practices such as broad-mindedness, tolerance and forgiveness. Moreover, we need to learn to base our behavior on justice and fairness among ourselves. For the time being, we are to develop the habit of nurturing democratic practices, rather than enjoying the fruits of democracy. It is necessary for all of us not to be too eager to apply the standards of a full-fledged democracy.
In democratic practices, compromise and negotiation are extremely important. In bringing about democracy, the government and political parties are of great importance, and civil societies, news media and the whole populace need to participate hand in hand and to control the democratic system collectively by using the method of checks and balances.
Democracy being popular in countries all over the world should not be applied in a wrong way. We must pay attention to potential democracy-related dangers. These are none other than the fact that in our surroundings there are those who are not desirous of democracy. There are also others who wish to disrupt the democratic system as they have not been entrusted with the power to lead the people. Then there are those who are not satisfied with the government’s performance and those who would not like to contest in the electoral process in just and fair ways.
Democracy espouses the deterrent principles of shame and fear which guard the world from falling into chaos. Democracy guarantees justice, freedom and equality, leading the country to Peace and Development. It is also capable of bringing forth national prosperity, and guarantees the right of each individual to pursue happiness without infringing upon the rights of others. In moving forward towards a democratic state full of virtues, we must make efforts in unity in accord with democratic standards and consciousness. It is important for all of us to learn from the lessons of the past to ensure that we do not lose our chance to build a federal democratic republic which is the aspiration of all of us.

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