Building a democracy requires same effort as struggle for independence


Today is the 72nd anniversary of our Independence Day. Our country existed as an independent and sovereign country throughout history, and we lost our independence in 1885 after being invaded by British colonialists in 1824, 1852, and 1885.
To regain independence, all our national races united under sharp-witted and patriotic leaders, and sacrificed their blood and sweat with untiring perseverance and diligence.
Since the attainment of independence in 1948, our country has maintained good relations with all countries of the world. This is something our country can be very proud of. Since regaining its freedom in January, 1948, our country, despite being a small one, and battling war-related damages, has always won international respect. Why? Our people have been resilient in the midst of unprecedented woe, showing their talents.
On this auspicious 72nd Independence Day, we would like to ask our country’s people to remember our glorious past and make concerted efforts to maintain this level of international recognition.
In 1948, when our country became independent, we established a parliamentary democracy. At that time, we could say that we were one of the foremost countries in Asia to have adopted a parliamentary democracy.
Unfortunately, armed conflicts gripped our country after independence, and we lost the trust of our ethnic brethren, who had struggled with us for independence.
We must bring an end to the decades of conflict that have blighted our country since independence, and work to secure the lasting peace that our people have longed for.
We have many diverse ethnic groups, and a legacy of decades of mistrust. Yet, through political negotiations, held in the spirit of cooperation and compromise, we are confident that we can build a peaceful and prosperous democratic federal Union through mutual trust and cooperation and by strengthening national unity and national reconciliation, just like we gained our independence through successful negotiations by Bogyoke Aung San.
In his 72nd Independence Day message, our President, U Win Myint, said, “We must put great efforts in the peace process and the transition process to democracy as we did in fighting for our independence, and endeavor to build a genuine, fully democratic nation, and continue to work together for the sustainable development of the nation.”
Hence, with the everlasting solidarity of all national races, we must work towards successfully carrying out the amendment to the Constitution, which will play a vital role in building a democratic federal Union.

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