Fight Zika Smart

Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh The strongly suspected link between Zika virus and infants being born with unusually small heads and […]

The Common Good

Hla Maung The “common good” is an expression where “good” is a noun rather than an adjective. It is usually […]

Newspaper Headline Styles

Whenever we read a newspaper, we first look for the interesting news or breaking news. The headlines of news items […]


A Viable Town Plan is Necessary

During my Bangkok trips, I had noticed the villages and small towns along the routes are neat and tidy with […]

Discipline Vs Democracy

Discipline and Democracy are interdependent. Unless people are well-disciplined, a country cannot `build a democratic state. Democracy cannot flourish without […]

Health Hazard in Post Emergencies

In recent years we have been experiencing many disasters around the world. Both natural and man-made disasters have taken front […]

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