Diplomacy, Diplomatic Language

U KHIN MAUNG (A retired diplomat) Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines “diplomacy” as “the activity of managing relations between different […]

Are We Really Polite ?

Are we really polite as some claimed? Frankly I don’t think so. May be that statement could be true many […]

The children want change

Network International School puts students in president’s shoes IN less than two months, Myanmar will have a new president. The […]

What is Turmeric?

What is turmeric?  The earliest record of turmeric comes from an ancient Assyrian herbal history in about 600 B.C .It […]

Hello, I’m still alive! Part I

Relatives, class mates, colleagues, students, and friends at home and abroad, I’m still alive! News of the hospitalization of Dr […]

Keeping Our Nation Clean

Knowledge and character are power. Economy is of paramount importance for sustainable socio-politico-economic development. Environment must be conserved for the […]

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