Children’s Literature Festival in Botahtaung aims to instil love of reading, discourage internet games

A children’s literature festival will be held from 6-8 January at No. 6 Botahtaung High School in Yangon. The following are interviews with students, teachers and parents who are participating or involving with the festival.

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Daw Kyi Kyi Win, student’s mother
I am the mother of Ma Khaing Zar Thwe, who is studying in the Kyaik Wing Disabled Young Children’s School. I am very glad and proud to see my daughter who is participating to perform in the festivals. I think this festival is very beneficial to the children because it can broaden their outlooks and knowledge. Moreover, it can nurture their reading habits as well. This festival is a good opportunity for the disabled children to join in. For them, cooperation is needed among teachers, parents and children in order to stand on their own feet. I’d like to urge the authorities concerned to hold such this kind of festival next year again.

Daw Mi Mi Khaing, student’s mother
My son is Maung Kaung Tun, who is studying in the Kyaik Wing Disabled Young Children’s School. As far as I know, this kind of festival hadn’t been celebrated before, and I am very glad to cooperate with them. Normally, children like reading cartoons and comics, and I think that it is very beneficial for them. I asked my son to entertain with dancing at the festival, and he readily agreed to it. That’s why he has received a chance to show his talents. Although my son is a disabled child, I want him to be a valuable person in our society. I’d like to invite all parents to bring their children to this festival.

U Zoe Hmein Htan Arr, an English teacher at Brown Academy
Being a teacher, I am very glad to see this kind of children’s festival. As you know, children who live in the city are playing internet games all the time instead of reading and studying their lessons. As a result, their reading habits are waning rapidly, and they tend to neglect their studies. When I was young, I used to read many useful periodicals such as the Shwe Thway, the Aurora and other illustrations for my side-reading. Nowadays, most of the children no longer read them. I want to encourage them to read more books in their free time. I am sure this festival can stimulate their reading habits so that they can create a reading environment on their own. I believe it is effective and will be a good practical approach for them to do all-round developments. All in all, I recommend this festival and it is worth visiting this festival.

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Ko Wai Yan Moe Myint, manager of Happy World Amusement Park
We put on a variety of games for the children and adults at the festival. On behalf of the Happy World Amusement Park, I am very glad to organise the game-playing, which will include a small swimming pool for the young children. I’d like to invite all the children to study and play in this festival.

Maung Zaw Win Tun, a student at B.E.H.S (4) Pazontaung
Currently, I read some books on natural disasters because I am a member of the Red Cross Society. When I first heard about this festival on the television, I was very anxious to go there. In my point of view, most of the school children are not interested in reading, but just a few of them prefer to read e-books. I hope that it can enhance their reading habits.

Maung Kaung Sat Win, a student at Sein Kant Kaw Pwing Private School
I felt thrilled when I visited Sayagyi Min Thu Won’s showroom. At first, I didn’t intend to come here. Whatever it is, I will be very happy to visit this festival for the first time in my life. In addition to reading, I spend most of my time listening to the music, doing exercises and playing many kinds of games. Moreover I came to know more about Sayagyi Min Thu Won and his poems. I would like to invite all of you to join happily with us.



Aung Min Han

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