Chin State government prepares to take legal action against Myanma Ahla Construction

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The river water pumping station being inspected by authorities.

The Chin State government is preparing to take legal action against Myanmar Ahla construction company, which is building the river water pumping station project at Haka, Chin state for failing to meet the deadline as well as for violation of the contract terms and conditions, it is learnt from the Chin State Ministry of Electricity and Industry.
Myanma Ahla Construction Company started the river water pumping station project during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. Although the river water pumping station’s soft opening ceremony was held in February, the project is still not fully completed. The company cannot hand over the pumping station to the government even after the construction deadline, it is learnt.
“We found 34 points for necessary repair when we checked the project. The Chin government also informed the company of the necessary repairs. If the company does not repair the pumping station within the prescribed time period, the Chin government will take legal action against the company,” said Salai Isaac Khin, the Chin State Minister for Electricity and Industry.
“Currently, we are repairing some parts of the river water pumping station destroyed by the rough weather. Also, we have to change the existing water pumping machines with a higher power machine,” said an official from Myanma Ahla company.
The project spent Ks8,800 million from the Union budget.

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