Competitive climbing for a prize on the greasy pole highlights an example for us to follow

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • On the 4th of January last week, lively and teeming ceremonies marking the 69th anniversary of the Myanmar Independence Day were held across the nation. With a view to making our younger generations value the Independence that our forefathers achieved by sacrificing their lives, ceremonies are celebrated annually. We are used to spending this day enjoying ourselves by taking part in joyous competitions in traditional and other various kinds of sports in wards and villages nationwide. Out of all specific days such as National Day, Union Day etc., held in the country, celebrating joyous competitions and events on the Independence Day is more meaningful for us to understand the true essence of Independence.
    Among the events in the Independence Day celebrations, competitive climbing for a prize on the greasy pole is team work for people in every sector of our society to take lessons. A flag or banner is planted on the top of a greasy pole. Competitors in groups are to seize it. In doing so, the flag can be won only if there is team work and habits of collective efforts. It is not easy to get it through a solo selfish effort. The group will win the flag only if a group of four or five members work as a team and in unity. Winning the flag is like a symbol of unity for it is proof of team work, team spirit and unity.
    Every team sport needs team spirit or esprit de corps to gain success. As for participants taking part in a competitive climbing on the greasy pole especially need to have a sense of sacrifice, keeping in mind that hard work can bring about success. For the team to get the flag, or rather for a society to be successful, every team member must be willing to bear the pain of being stepped on the shoulders by others. Especially, the spirit of sacrifice of a team member from the lowest level is very important for the success of the team. Stepping on the shoulders of other team members or being stepped on our shoulders is not important. The main goal of every team is to win the flag which is at the top of the pole.
    A competitive climbing for a prize on the greasy pole needs strong and fat people and little and thin ones simultaneously. The strong and the thin are respectively essential.
    As for organizations and institutions working for various sectors of the country, they are required to exert their collective efforts with the spirit of sacrifice and team spirit according to their positions and age-groups.
    Presently, what all national brethren residing in the whole country need is internal peace and national development. If the whole populace has the same wish, I humbly want to assert that we should wholeheartedly contribute our labor to reach the same goal, without having any thought of advantages or disadvantages in our minds.

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