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Consumption of breakfast costs higher

At present, people unavoidably spend higher costs on consumption of breakfast. Prices of noodle meal and Monhinga are increased by K200 by restaurants and around K100 by vendor shops. The restaurants sell K1,200/K1,400 per dish of noodle meal and Monhinga without fritters and vendor shops K600/K700 per dish.
Prices of noodle salad and noodle meal sold at K1,000 per dish in the past was risen by K100 or K200 depending on the decoration of shops, Ko Kyaw Kyaw of Lanmadaw Township told the Global New Light of Myanmar.
Due to rising the prices of condensed milk and sugar, teashops rise prices of tea by K100/K200 per cup, said Ko Hla Oo told the GNLM.
Famous teashops sell cups of tea at the prices ranging from K700 to K1,000 whereas ordinary shops rise price of tea to K600 per cup, up from K500. Likewise, snacks such as Indian flat bread, deep-fried dough sticks and Chinese dumpling were also raised by K100 each this month, fetching K350 per piece of Indian flat bread and K250/K300 per piece of deep-fried dough sticks.
Breakfast shops sell K700 per dish of fried rice, up from K500. So, people need to spend K200/K300 more cost on breakfast per day.
Moreover, household consumption rate also rises, said house wife Daw Myint Khaing. Grocery shops sell K200 per sachet of coffee mix, K2,000 per tinned condensed milk and K6,000 per bag of milk powder, Ma Than Win told the GNLM.
A viss of flour noodle is priced at K4,000 this month, up from K3,600, said Ko Than Win from Lanmadaw.
Likewise, vendors sell a piece of bread at K600 and three pieces K1,500 this month, up from K400 per piece of bread and K1,000 per three pieces of bread last year.
As prices of flour and other materials rise, various kinds of Chinese snacks get good prices at K300 per piece this month, up from K100 per piece last year, said Ko Hla of Latha Township.
Currently, vendors also sell boiled chickpea at K700 per viss, K500 per packet of steamed glutinous rice and K400 per piece of Myanmar pancake.
Hence, most of the people criticize that as cost of breakfast is some K200 higher on a daily basis depending on rising prices of materials, a family needs to spend K500 to K1,000 more cost on daily breakfast rather than the past.—TWA/GNLM

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