Contemplation of a Noteworthy phrase: “Man Matters Most!”

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • There are many kinds of people in the world and their minds differ from each other. Different as they are in many ways, they all have an absolutely similar desire. That is none other than peaceful living free from anxiety and worries. The rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated, the kind and the cruel want to live in happiness with their families and their loved ones. Yet, our world is unstable. Some places are not always tranquil. They are living in fear and difficulty. In our country as well, many people in some places are being displaced. In fact, these conditions were attributed to inner self—ego, that is, defilements of greed, anger and ignorance. To put it simply, every individual except for Arahats – those who have liberated themselves from attachment, pride and wrong views, is subject to the defilements. Some have greed for wealth whereas some crave for power. So as to gain what they want, they tend to use cruel and dubious ways. Some people want to be free from poverty while some people aspire to rise up against their own governments leading to anarchism.
    Some educated people want to contribute their physical and mental labor to build a better nation for their younger generations, while some other educated ones are reluctant to accept new changes for fear of losing the power and the wealth in their possession. Some are poor but they want peace and justice. They are above doing mischief. Some are poor but they are eager to get money and they are not above killing others if they are paid a great deal of money. Though they belong to the same level of poverty, their minds and mental status differ. All around us we are seeing a myriad of beings. Poor as some people are, they never hesitate to return a valuable lost item they have found to its rightful owner. Much as they possess a considerable amount of wealth, some are conspicuous by their absence when they have the chance to help desperate people. Here, I would like to say, “Mind Matters most,” to coin a phrase. As our minds control our deeds, evil deeds will never occur to us, if we get rid of these ill wills, once they appear in our minds. We can and need to cultivate our minds. Simultaneously, we are responsible to change our unwholesome and wrong mindsets of our colleagues so that our society can become a pleasant place to live in.
    As known by all, our country is marching towards a federal democratic modernized and developed Union under the leadership of our chosen government. In doing so, we all are responsible to take an active part in the march. Any kind of criticism made with positive attitudes must be accepted so that the government can make necessary changes. And it will be beneficial for the younger generations. Instead, these days criticism with negative views is being seen and heard here and there. The other day, H.E Mr Martin Tlapa, deputy minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic who is currently in Myanmar mentioned his views on Myanmar in an interview that every citizen in the Czech Republic hopes for new and favorable prospects after making reforms in the Czech Republic. They had tolerated very much for the betterment of the future, taking time to confront with many challenges. He noted that Myanmar would gain success, becoming widely known in the global economy and accumulating good opportunities. At a time like vw when a foreign country is criticizing Myanmar,, our local people should get rid of their pessimistic attitudes and mindsets and try as much as possible to have a positive frame of mind, Mind matters most!

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