COVID-19 violations are not to be tolerated


The authorities continue to crack down on high-infection-risk businesses such as KTVs, bars and nightclubs which violate the orders to close amidst the COVID-19 pandemic due to a significant rise in coronavirus cases since mid-August after a surge of locally-transmitted infections, which struck Rakhine State in mid-August. The authorities have banned high-infection-risk businesses categories, including nightclubs and karaoke bars and restaurants to slow the spread of the coronavirus which reached over 2,400 cases yesterday. We understand that the closure has caused financial difficulty for businesses and those relying on them. But, these measures are necessary to save lives.
The strict measures have been put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus which reached over 2,400 yesterday. Unfortunately, some open the high-risk businesses defying the law. The cases show a significantly upward trend, rising from around two digits in mid-August to over 200 a day now.
A cluster of over 70 cases linked with Thingangyun Township’s music zone in September is a wake-up call for all of us to strictly abide by the rules and guidelines. The authorities are still trying to trace some of the people who visited the entertainment zone. Those violating COVID-19 rules and restrictions amidst the COVID-19 crisis are not to be tolerated.
These orders and measures are in effect to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone including businesses in our community; however these orders cannot be taken lightly. High-risk businesses and people are urged to abide by rules and COVID-19 rules. Residents are urged to report violators to authorities. This means we are saving our people.We need everyone to be doing everything they can to stop this virus from spreading.
Now, the government is mobilizing teams of law-enforcement and health officials to ensure that high-risk businesses follow the social distancing rules and COVID-19 guidelines. Violators would face action under the Natural Disaster Management Law. Lives are at stake. Action will be taken without hesitation under the Natural Disaster Management Law against those who are blatantly placing the lives of others at risk.

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