CTUM expresses thanks to EU for emergency fund


Following the EU’s announcement on emergency fund for Myanmar garment workers yesterday, the Confederation of the Trade Unions Myanmar-CTUM released a statement expressing thanks to the EU for the move.
“On behalf of the workers of Myanmar and our affiliates, CTUM thanks the European Union and its member countries, the tax payers who are the ordinary people for the emergency cash fund for the Myanmar garment workers who lost their jobs due to the COVID 19 pandemic,” said the statement.
“We also thank EU Ambassador HE. Kristian Schmidt for expediting the process and the SMART Textile and Garments for the thoughtful and concrete inputs to the EU,” said the statement.
This Emergency Fund will be paying cash directly to the workers of the private sector garment and who lost their jobs in unexpected ways due to the COVID 19 pandemic and will cushion the hard social impacts. These are
1) to workers in crisis who are jobless and/or face eviction from their homes;
2) to workers whose contracts were illegally terminated, thereby also countering irresponsible practices, and;
3) to workers of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who agree to retain workers and to provide at least a matching support. Recipients will be selected in consultation with trade unions and local civil society organizations.
The distribution process, which has never been done before will be complex and complicated but with the participation of the workers themselves we believe that the hurdles will be overcome, said the CTUM.—GNLM

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