Current problems and public perspectives

  • Myanmar is transitioning from a dark totalitarian nation to a blooming democracy and is facing accusations, challenges, and a bad legacy that are keeping it immensely occupied in this early stage of its journey.
    The lives of the people who made countless sacrifices for democracy has yet to rise from the daily struggles plaguing their everyday life that abounds with unmet basic requirements.
    But now, when the democratic transition has made some advancements and authorities look to resolve the current issues of the public, they find that the challenges have changed. Human rights and democracy will always be needed but the struggle of the citizens to cover their daily living costs continues to be a great burden on them.
    Another matter that needs the same amount of attention as resolving the daily challenges of the public is bringing a peaceful end to the nation’s internal conflicts. This issue though, is not a simple one and as such, it needs time and careful consideration to negotiate a result that satisfies all parties involved.
    The discussions held during the sessions of the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong reflect the current ongoing period for instilling political stability in the country.
    Our leaders are working tirelessly to provide nationwide electrification, clean drinking water, better road infrastructure, education and healthcare services, and more opportunities for employment.
    What’s more, the road to resolve these issues is not one that transcends to development but is rather a ruined route that frequently requires authorities to fix broken systems, find new solutions, and amend laws and protocols often at the same time.
    Regardless of the scale of challenges, those who have assumed office in government must shoulder the duties and responsibilities their position demands. They should remember that the public majority is giving their trust and support in the civilian government.
    We believe that there will be success in finding answers to the issues and challenges coming at our way if we press on relentlessly and considerately.
    No matter how large the problem is or how numerous the challenges are, they can all be overcome if we have the unanimous support of the people; the foundational requirement for good governance. With their collective strength in hand, the government must focus on the important objectives and yield tangible, beneficial results.
    Rejuvenating the nation in the turn of a changing era and systems, the public does not expect comprehensive solutions to all issues immediately. This aspiration is currently too far from the actual lives we are living day to day.
    For now, the people are hoping for a just and fair society where they are protected by the law and can enjoy all the rights and opportunities guaranteed to a citizen, equally among all people, while working hard for their own livelihoods.
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