Dealing with the legacy of the past

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As a nascent democracy, our country is still faced with many challenges for political stability, national reconciliation and socioeconomic development. This implies that all the ethnic groups have no time to waste trading blames but take a cautious approach to dealing with the legacy of the past.
Ethnic and communal tensions have long been commonly recognised as the legacy of the past. Activists have claimed that the holes in the judicial system and the security measures have resulted in the rise of communal tensions between the Buddhist and Muslim communities in some parts of the country. In addition, they have put the blame on the racial and economic inequalities of the past for the persistence of ethnic armed conflicts, especially in states.
The dissolution of decades of distrust can be a miraculous cure for the legacy of the past. Now is the time for our national brethren to seek ways for embracing shared hopes and ensure the virtues of freedom, fairness and equality in rebuilding the future of our country.
No matter what, our selfishness and inaction will only aggravate the painful days of the past. We must shoulder the responsibility of our time to dress the wounds in racial and religious cohesion, integration and harmony.  Otherwise, we will then be branded as chief culprits in history.

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