Defence Services Personnel representatives announced for Region Hluttaw or State Hluttaw


Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Election Commission
Notification 271/2020

1st Waning of Nadaw 1382ME
(30 December 2020)

The Union Election Commission, in accordance with the Section 31 of the Region Hluttaw or State Hluttaw Election Law, has scrutinized and announced the following Region Hluttaw or State Hluttaw representatives of Defence Services Personnel who were submitted by the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, in line with Chapter 8 of the Region Hluttaw or State Hluttaw Election Law in the third multiparty democracy general elections held on 8 November 2020.

Sr.Commission NoRankName
Kachin State Hluttaw
1.BC 29197ColonelKyaw Lin Aung
2.BC 23752ColonelKhin Maung Maung
3.BC 31494Lt-ColSoe Min Aung
4.BC 27430MajorThein Zaw Oo
5.BC 30003MajorTin Ko Ko
6.BC 30764MajorKyaw Thu Myo
7.BC 34736MajorHtin Lin Tun
8.BC 39706MajorWin Thet Naing Myint
9.BC 43169MajorNyan Lin Tun
10.N 645MajorDaw Phyu Phyu Phwe Myint
11.N 782MajorDaw Nwe Nilar Aye
12.BC 52472CaptainYan Aung Htike
13.BC 56671CaptainHtin Oo
Kayah State Hluttaw
1.BC 22000ColonelMyint Wai
2.BC 39565MajorMyo Min Htet
3.N 721MajorDaw Maw Maw Than
4.BC 48567CaptainMyat Ko Ko
5.N 919CaptainDaw Kyu Kyu Khine
Kayin State Hluttaw
1.BC 22617ColonelMyo Min Naung
2.BC 22798Lt-ColNaing Win
3.BC 34702MajorWin Min Lwin
4.N 781MajorDaw Swe Nwe Win
5.BC 60471CaptainHein Htet Naing
6.BC 62245CaptainAung Sitt Maung
Chin State Hluttaw
1.BC 25995ColonelHan Win Aung
2.BC 35419MajorArkar Kyaw Moe
3.BC 48180CaptainKhine Lwin Htoo
4.BC 56071CaptainNyan Lin Phyo
5.BC 57678CaptainPyi Soe Aung
6.BC 64113CaptainThein Zaw Win
Sagaing Region Hluttaw
1.BC 24993ColonelWin Tin Soe
2.BC 23004ColonelSoe Paing
3.BC 20235Lt-ColKhin Maung Lwin
4.BC 27601MajorThet Naing Aye
5.BC 28470MajorThet Naing Oo
6.BC 29670MajorKyaw Soe
7.BC 33946MajorHan Win
8.BC 36638MajorZaw Myo Yi
9.BC 37207MajorNaing Zin Thet
10.BC 37810MajorKyaw Thet Naing
11.BC 41961MajorHla Htut Naung
12.BC 35075CaptainKyaw Win Hlaing
13.BC 42640CaptainAung Tun
14.BC 42652CaptainMyint Thwe
15.BC 45303CaptainLin Aung Thet
16.BC 47934CaptainThurain Tun
17.BC 50172CaptainYan Myo Aung
18.BC 51586CaptainPyi Kyaw Hein
19.BC 52139CaptainSoe Min
20.BC 53865CaptainNyan Tun
21.BC 54204CaptainYan Kyaw
22.BC 54385CaptainThein Htike
23.BC 66238CaptainZin Ko Maung
24.N 783CaptainDaw Nu Htwe Zan
25.N 815CaptainDaw Yu Yu Wai
Taninthayi Region Hluttaw
1.BC 26934ColonelKyaw Ze Ya
2.BC 27374ColonelAung Myo Min
3.BC 35143MajorNgwe Soe
4.Navy 4453Lt-CmdrHan Htoo Nyi
5.N 788MajorDaw Thi Thi Myint
6.BC 48448CaptainKyaw Sithu
7.N 951CaptainDaw Htet Thinzar Aung
Bago Region Hluttaw
1.BC 27294ColonelHla Myo Shwe
2.BC 20080ColonelNay Win Aung
3.BC 24050MajorHla Moe Thein
4.BC 31366MajorThein Htoo
5.BC 32393MajorYe Win Tun
6.BC 32804MajorKyaw Nyein
7.BC 34907MajorPhyo Hein Kyaw
8.BC 36387MajorAung Moe Lwin
9.BC 38102MajorTin Naing Win
10.BC 40474MajorWin Aung Than
11.Air 2833MajorAung Myo Min
12.N 720MajorDaw May Hnin Aung
13.BC 33772CaptainKyaw Min
14BC 35132CaptainKhin Maung Win
15.BC 36645CaptainMyo Min Zaw
16.BC 46125CaptainMin Thein Htike
17.BC 54318CaptainHtein Lin Kyaw
18.BC 56660CaptainAung Myo Zaw
19.N 859CaptainDaw Kyu Kyu Tun
Magway Region Hluttaw
1.BC 20825ColonelMin Oo
2.BC 19310ColonelThet Naing
3.BC 36502Major/Lt-ColZaw Oo Latt
4.BC 28463MajorKyaw Kyaw Soe
5.BC 28818MajorThet Khine Tun
6.BC 30083MajorYe Maung
7.BC 38381MajorNay Zaw Hein
8.N 803MajorDaw Ei Ei Win
9.BC 28576CaptainTun Myint Latt
10.BC 47456CaptainKyaw Ko Oo
11.BC 51702CaptainZaw Min Htike
12.BC 51847CaptainHlaing Myint Tun
13.BC 52631CaptainTin Maung Lwin
14.BC 54441CaptainMyo Min Tun
15.BC 59266CaptainZin Min Tun
16.Air 3409CaptainHan Win Aung
17.N 854CaptainDaw Khin Thidar Hlaing
Mandalay Region Hluttaw
1BC 26109ColonelKyaw Kyaw Min
2.BC 22701Lt-ColYe Myint
3.BC 23277MajorThein Han
4.BC 25097MajorAung Thiha
5.BC 25205MajorAung Min Htwe
6.BC 27385MajorKyaw Thu Shwe
7.BC 32528MajorKyaw Lwin Moe
8.BC 33532MajorMyo Min Latt
9.BC 37909MajorAye Lin Tun
10.BC 37953MajorWai Yan Min
11.BC 39247MajorHtay Oo Khine
12.BC 42381MajorZaw Myo Wai
13.BC 29037CaptainSoe Naing
14.BC 42712CaptainKhin Maung Zaw
15.BC 46411CaptainKyaw Thura
16.BC 49984CaptainKaung Htet
17.BC 53383CaptainAung Hlaing Phyo
18.BC 67490CaptainDaw Nyein Su Yee
19.BC 70132CaptainDaw Ngu Shwe War Oo
Mon State Hluttaw
1.BC 26939ColonelNay Htut Oo
2.BC 19367ColonelTin Htut
3.BC 31068MajorThet Khine
4.BC 33523MajorHlaing Aung Min
5.Navy 4384Lt-CmdrKyaw Kyaw Min
6.N 577MajorDaw Saw Thidar Hlaing
7.N 749MajorDaw Ngu Wah Kyi
8BC 58513CaptainKyaw Thet Naing
Rakhine State Hluttaw
1BC 23158ColonelMin Than
2BC 27010Lt ColWin Bo
3.BC 30804MajorAung Myo Zaw
4.BC 32418MajorKo Ko Oo
5.Navy 4086Lt-CmdrAung Zaw Moe
Yangon Region Hluttaw
1.BC 21897ColonelWin Tint
2.BC 23013ColonelThant Zin Oo
3.BC 21473Lt-ColHtay Aung
4.BC 30985Lt-ColNay Thway
5.BC 24336MajorZaw Lwin Tun
6.BC 25303MajorWin Han
7.BC 27919MajorAung Myat Min
8.BC 28424MajorThein Hlaing
9.BC 30247MajorMin Min Tun
10.BC 36432MajorYe Min Aung
11.BC 36479MajorThu Aung Zaw
12BC 37233MajorKyaw Zin Latt
13.BC 39599MajorWai Yan Lin
14.BC 40984MajorThet Naing Oo
15.BC 42524MajorKyaw Swar Win
16.BC 45584MajorKyi Pe Lin
17.Navy 3641Lt-CmdrAung Kyaw Lwin
18.Navy 3934Lt-CmdrZaw Lin Thein
19.Navy 4268Lt-CmdrKyaw Tay Za
20.Air 2243MajorKyaw Aung
21.Air 2940MajorHlaing Win Aung
22.Air 3138MajorKhine Myo Tun
23.N 748MajorDaw Khin Min Min Myat
24.BC 42715CaptainSoe Min Htay
25.BC 45945CaptainWin Kyaw Thu
26.BC 52090CaptainYe Yint Win
27.BC 53763CaptainKyaw Khine Lin
28.BC 54557CaptainKo Ko
29.BC 64135CaptainKhin Maung Oo
30.BC 70133CaptainDaw Thet Phoo Pwint Wai
31.BC 71560CaptainDaw Thet Nandar Htet
Shan State Hluttaw
1.BC 26759ColonelHla Oo
2.BC 19315ColonelMin Min Lwin
3.BC 23342Lt-ColWin Myint Oo
4.BC 23821Lt-ColHline Tun Aung
5.BC 33642Lt-ColMyo Htike
6.BC 27185MajorMyint Thiha
7.BC 27488MajorZaw Moe Lwin
8.BC 28474MajorAung Thu Khine
9.BC 29752MajorNyi Nyi Min
10.BC 33494MajorLin Kyaw Khine
11.BC 36137MajorMyo Min Tun
12.BC 36201MajorMyo Min Thu
13.BC 37462MajorSoe Yan Naing
14.BC 38162MajorAung San Day
15.BC 39322MajorKhin Hla Win
16.BC 39866MajorThet Paing Tun
17.BC 40046MajorPyae Phyo Aung
18.BC 40134MajorKyaw Zin Htike
19.BC 40248MajorKyaw Kyaw Naing
20.BC 40257MajorKyaw San Min
21.N 665MajorDaw Lin Lin Ko
22.BC 39382CaptainHan Lin Tun
23.BC 45963CaptainThet Oo San
24.BC 46113CaptainWin Min Htwe
25.BC 46348CaptainTint Tun Naing
26.BC 46643CaptainLin Htike Aung
27.BC 48611CaptainThet Khine Myint
28.BC 49851CaptainNyein Chen Soe
29.BC 50319CaptainMyo Naing Lin
30.BC 50344CaptainAung Thu
31.BC 51331CaptainNyein Wai Htet Ko
32.BC 52019CaptainMyo Min Soe
33.BC 53887CaptainHtin Kyaw
34.BC 54467CaptainHlwan Moe Aung
35.N 950CaptainDaw May Thi Han
Ayeyawady Region Hluttaw
1.BC 25130ColonelKyaw  Swar  Hlaing
2.BC 29109MajorMin Htut
3.BC 34717MajorNay Win Naung
4.BC 38505MajorMon Myat Thu Soe
5.Navy 3782Lt-CmdrAung Zaw Thin
6.Navy 4244Lt-CmdrPhyo Thura Kyaw
7.Air 2859MajorZeya Myint
8.Air 2953MajorMyo Myint Aung
9.BC 36692CaptainTun Ko Aung
10.BC 48127CaptainTun Lin Than
11.BC 49089CaptainZin Min Htike
12.BC 52790CaptainTin Aung Thu
13.BC 53750CaptainArkar
14.BC 56391CaptainMin Aung
15.BC 58122CaptainKhin Maung Cho
16.BC 60159CaptainZaw Lin Tun
17.BC 62522CaptainKyaw Thu
18.N 866CaptainDaw Myint Thu Htike

(Hla Thein)
Union Election Commission

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