Demand for wooden sculptures in demand for decoration

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An artist puts finishing touches an a sculpture. Photo : Khun (Win Pa)

Myanmar traditional wood carvings and sculptures have gained attraction amidst COVID-19 pandemic as relaxing alternatives in living rooms, restaurants and homes, according to the craft wood carvers from Thuwanawaddy Township, Mon State.
Craft wood carvers travel to places where employers hire them, and working for their living, local people said.
“I make specific types of wood and shapes that customers like. I get paid per inch. If I calculate wages and costs, I get very little profit. It may or may not be convenient to get the type of wood I need. It is difficult to say whether the Myanmar sculpture world has improved.
There are also fewer young people who will pass on the art of sculpting,” said Ko Shein Lhu who is working as a craft wood carver in Thuwanawaddy.
“Wood carvings are available locally. We collected various kinds of wood to make tables, chairs and sculptures for sale and decoration in my restaurant. I’m interested in sculpting and wanted to encourage young generations. Sadly, raw wood may be scarce in the future”, said U Kyaw Wai, who runs a furniture store in Thuwanawaddy, Thaton Township, Mon State. —Khun (Win Pa) (Translated by Kyaw Zin Lin)

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