Dockyard services turn to iron due to wood shortage

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Boats docking to maintain and repair at the jetty.  Photo: Myint Oo (Myeik)

Owing to shortage of wood in Myeik archipelago in Myeik District in the Tanintharyi region, dockyard services that engage in repairing fishing vessels and boats are using iron to build or repair vessels, according to dockyard workers.
According to the workers, it is difficult to build new vessels and repair the old ones as the industry is facing scarcity of wood. The lumber shortage in the market has pushed prices to record highs. So, they are using iron instead of wood.
U Kyaw Kyaw Lynn, dockyard manager of Aung Myat Phyo International Co Ltd, said, “Located in Pahtawpahtet Island in Kyunsu Township, the company’s four-acre dockyard was built in 2003 and opened in 2006. It can host 60 boats of various sizes simultaneously. Since its establishment to date, some 6,531 vessels were repaired and 151 boats were constructed at the dockyard.”
Since 2015, the dockyard services have turned to tin because of the shortage of wood. Vessels made of iron are now found in the market. The builders take up to six months on an average to construct a wooden vessel, depending on its size, he said.
U Kyaw Kyaw Lynn added: “Our dockyard built six new iron vessels. Now, three new vessels are 70 per cent complete. We have the permissions to make 10 more new iron vessels.”
The Taninthayi Region has five dockyards in Myeik and Kyunsu townships, as well as Kawthoung Town.
Residents rely on the dockyards to repair and build various kinds of boats and fishing vessels.


Myint Oo (Myeik)

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