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After half a decade of piecemeal progress, many an outstanding issue remains to be solved amid mounting sporadic clashes between ethnic armed groups. As is known to all, our country is just emerging from the painful days of international sanctions imposed upon the junta. At this crucial juncture, all the decision makers and the people must be smart enough to be alert to the problem of the disintegration of national sovereign power.
As a welcome diversion, the recent unexpected news filled the whole country with eager anticipation. The Amyotha Hluttaw (Upper House) announced on Tuesday that it preponed the presidential nominations to 10 March, a week earlier than the previous date set on 17 March. It is safe to interpret the election outcome as a litmus test of the level of public support for the National League for Democracy, which secured over 60% of parliamentary seats in the country’s historic elections on 8 November last year.
On mature reflection, the time is ripe enough for the government, the parliament, the defense services and the people to open a new chapter in the country’s history by enhancing domestic abilities and grasping international opportunities. The problem facing us all today is not about who should rule the country but who can best serve the interests of the people and the country as a whole. A reasonable compromise is the key to a successful negotiation. After all, a compromise solution to the choice of the supreme leader is the pivot of national development.

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