Downtown scenes of Line Walker-2 shot

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Some scenes of Line Walker-2 were shot in Maha Bandoola Park Street (middle block), Ward 2, Kyauktada Township yesterday morning. Starting from 6:30 a.m. some action scenes were shot with settings.

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Director Kyi Phyu Shin
As a person from the movie industry observing an international level movie being made is like conducting a field trip. The settings seen today were set-up since last night at 8 p.m. No wonder world famous movies are successful as the preparations made were very good. Another thing is the efforts made at the scene. The action scenes are very exciting. That is why those from the local movie industry should come and observe. If they can’t spare time, at least come and observe half a day of shooting. Only then can they see the efforts and conducts made by international player.
Actor Min Yazar
As I was interested I came to study. When they found me, they let me join in. I didn’t participate in many scenes. But I took part to gain some experience. I acted as a rough and bad person, a gangster. As they came to our country, we should take this opportunity to study how they do things. It is like waking up a sleeping country and gave a new view to a sleeping market.
Today’s scenes
Today’s scenes include the police force chasing the suspect and contain jumping off a building from a height, running into a crowd and some gun shooting and there were many people who came to observe.
Actor Nay Htoo Naing
Actor Nay Htoo Naing who came to study the shooting said there is a huge difference in preparing the setting compared to how it is conducted in our industry. The main thing is market and budget. The budget for the 12 days of shooting in Yangon is about
K 1,800 million.
U Hla Kyaw from Yuzana Garden Housing
I saw on Facebook about this and came out of curiosity. As it is an international standard movie, nothing can be said about the equipment used. They recruited local street hawkers to take part as street hawkers. Local security personnel were hired for security. Local were also hired for the scenes. I’m happy to see foreign companies being allowed to make a movie. I hope our local movie makers also get the same opportunity. If better quality movies are to be made, local directors should also be given similar opportunities.
Assistants provided by officials
Ministry of Information, relevant departments and Yangon Region Government was assisting in shooting, demolishing, car chase, car crash and helicopter flying scenes.

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The crew of Line Walker-2 set up their equipment and films scenes for the action movie in Maha Bandoola Park Street in downtown Yangon. 

Road closures and diversions
Yangon Synthesis Productions Company that was responsible for the Myanmar side of the movie apologize the public for inconvenience caused due to closure and diversion of some roads.
Police Captain Kyaw San Oo of Kyauktada Township traffic police told of being responsible to close and divert some roads and arranging for cars of those who lived in the street being arranged to be parked in front of the Maha Bandoola Park.
U Zaw Zaw who live and drive a car in Kyauktada Township said, “There wasn’t any traffic problem due to the shooting of the movie. Some roads were closed for several hours while the movie was shot but this wasn’t much of a problem too. The movie would be beneficial for the country.”

News – Ye Gaung, Zaw Gyi
Photo – Ye Htut
(Translated by Zaw Min)

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