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Early signs of El Nino already evident as water shortages hit Shan State

Villagers fetch water from a lake at a village in Heho Township.
Villagers fetch water from a lake at a village in Heho Township.

THE National League for Democracy’s environmental conservation committee for Shan State will dig an artesian well for villagers living in the proximity of Heho township’s Let Maung village in a bid to supply them with water after they have been hit by shortages, it is known.
A shortage of water availability started to become apparent in the area on 11 January, and while it is not the first time locals have faced a shortage of water in the area, they have said water has run out much earlier this year than in years previous.
“We’ve heard that about five villages around Let Maung village are suffering from water shortages. We will travel to the region and attempt to connect the villages with a water supply. We will also conduct tests to see if it’s possible to dig an artesian well, and will then dig one should tests to prove it to be viable.” explained U Maung Maung Sein, chairperson of the aforementioned NLD committee.
Villages in the water scarce villages are currently relying on drinking water donated by donors.
“Over roughly 300 households have been hit with this water shortage. We are financially supporting efforts so that those people have enough access to water, working together with youth groups to give assistance. We’re sourcing the water from the Heho dam.” said Ko Aung Hsan, general secretary of the Taungyoe literary and culture association from Heho.
Healthcare awareness is being conducted in the water shortage affected region in a bid to mitigate harm to the health of local residents.
Weather forecast experts have analysed that a weather front, known as El Nino, is to hit Myanmar with much more strength in 2016 than in previous years, which will cause water shortages and extreme heat.

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