Educational benefits are beyond doubt

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Myanmar has witnessed dramatic structural reforms in politics, economy and education in the past few years. These efforts have got the country back on track to democracy, with the result that it now basks in the adulation of the international community.
Despite improvements in other sectors, the educational policy is found still lying in tatters. Universities and schools receive low budgets, thereby making their management difficult and their development sluggish.
It is however an encouraging sign that the country is restructuring its university system in collaboration with international institutions with the aim of pumping more investments into upgrading schools and universities nationwide. The efforts to tie up with foreign institutions will enable the country to secure more funds and other resources. In addition, Yangon University has now come alive with students taking various courses, with foreign professors and experts engaged in updating syllabuses and curricula in several disciplines.
In a sense, the opening in itself is a trap. It is impossible to let every institution come in and play a dominant role in our educational reform. Take private primary and secondary schools. Most of them are run by foreign investors, with wealthy families being their prime target and making enormous demands on ordinary families.
This highlights that the government needs to do something serious in promising more spending on education in order to raise the education standard. When it comes to the education system in the country, much remains to be done.
For our education to move forward and keep abreast of international standards, all that stakeholders need to do is create an education environment where teachers teach and train and students learn and practise. Whether education can enrich the social welfare of the grass roots of society is beyond doubt.

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