Ensuring human rights in an Independent country

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  • During a preliminary meeting on 12 December, the national committee tasked with carrying out the recommendations of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) identified 12 areas where 166 of the recommendations accepted by the government will be implemented.
    The 12 areas include 41 issues pertaining to the signing of international treaties on human rights; 7 issues concerning the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission; 4 issues involving cooperation with UN human rights mechanisms; 19 issues concerning the reformation of the democracy, peace, rule of law, and human rights; 12 issues involving economic development; 10 issues relating to the formation of a good system of governance and the confiscation of land; 15 issues pertaining to the promotion of gender equality and vulnerability together with 15 issues on discrimination; 13 issues involving health and education; 18 issues concerning interfaith dialogue, freedom of expression, and freedom of peaceful assembly; 7 issues relating to National Scrutiny Cards, internal displacement, and human trafficking; and, 5 issues involving the ceasefire and efforts towards national reconciliation.
    The Union Government has assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, the Ministry of International Cooperation, the Office of the Union Attorney-General, the Ministry of Planning and Finance, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief, and Resettlement, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, and Population, and the Office of the State Counsellor with the implementation work. They will be held accountable for their assigned duties.
    Myanmar is an independent and sovereign country and is in the process of transitioning to a democracy. As it works to achieve its democratic goal, the country is paying heed to international suggestions on human rights and working to promote them in the country.
    In spite of Myanmar’s genuine efforts to ensure democratic rights, it is regrettable that some countries and U.N. agencies have accused the country of violating human rights.
    At such a time, the implementation of the UPR recommendations, which include suggestions from the international community, will serve as an opportunity for Myanmar to let the world know about its efforts to promote human rights and its democratic standards.
    As Myanmar works to promote human rights in line with democratic standards, all citizens must participate in the efforts made by the government to achieve its goal before the set schedule.
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