Essential foodstuffs, medicines shops remain open in Mandalay markets

The front view of Mandalay Zay Cho, a main market in Mandalay.  Photo: Aung San Maung
The front view of Mandalay Zay Cho, a main market in Mandalay.  Photo: Aung San Maung

Shops selling essential household groceries, fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and medicines and medical equipment will remain open, and other shops will be closed down effective from 28 March in Mandalay markets, said an MCDC official.
Member U Kyaw Hsan Myint of Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) said, “Food and pharmacy shops are allowed to open at the markets and all the remaining shops will be closed. But the owners can bring back their stuff to their houses to be sold at home.
All markets in Mandalay will be closed except the shops selling essential foodstuffs, medicines, medical equipment. Some shops in Mandalay Zay Cho will also be closed as other markets.
In Mandalay Zay Cho, the shops are allowed to sell their items and to transport their goods to their houses till 4 pm. The Zay Cho reopening date will be announced by the Zay Cho committee, according to the shop owners.
“Today, the market committee allowed us to sell or transport our stuff until 4 pm. Some closed their shops early and went back home while some were carrying the goods to their home. Today is busy for us,” said a shop owner from the Zay Cho market.
There are many shops such as fashion shops, plate and bowl shops, and meat and fish shops in the Yadanarbon market. The Yadanarbon market committee allowed the fashion shops and plate and bowl shops to bring their stuff till 3 pm, said member U Min Thu of the Yadanarbon market committee.
More than 40 markets in Mandalay are under the supervision of Mandalay municipal.
Currently, one Covid-19 positive patient was found in the Mandalay region. A total of eight positive patients were reported across the country. — Aung San Maung (Translated by Hay Mar)

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