European nations team up with cold-storage factories

Workers sort out prawns at a factory.
Workers sort out prawns at a factory.

EUROPEAN nations have hired cold-storage factories using a piecework payment system to manufacture finished fishery products, according to the Myanmar Fishery Products Processor and Exporters’ Association.
“Previously, the cold-storage factories were thriving because of the abundant fishery products. Some factories were subjected to shut-downs due to a lack of raw materials. At that time, the piecework system was introduced and many labourors are working with this system, earning high wages.
Actually, this system allows the owners to earn a low profit from which the cost of wages is deducted. The factories will gain more profit if they manufacture the finished products themselves, said Dr. Toe Nanda Tin from the association.
“The frozen fishery processing factories were forced to halt their businesses due to the shortage of raw products in previous years.
When the piecework system emerged in Asia in 2014, the businesses were continued to run.
With the European countries entering, over 60 per cent of the factories will keep operating.” He added.
Previously, countries from the ASEAN region such as Thailand, Viet Nam, China, South Korea and Japan made contracts with factories with this system and then more countries such as the USA, Brazil, Norway and France also joined hands with cold-storage factories.



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