Farmers hope for boosting production of Palethwe paddy

Yesagyo, 30 Sept—Palethwe hybrid paddy plantations are thriving in irrigated areas of Yesagyo Township of Magway Region.
“We are trying to share good agricultural patterns to the local farmers with the aim of doubling their income and improving their living standards. GAP can be applied for cultivation of crops in the irrigated areas. The farmers can enjoy fruits of systematic cultivation crops through GAP. At present, Palethwe paddy plantations of farmer U Htay Win can be seen with full of ears of paddy,” said Staff Officer U Sein Maung of Agriculture Department.
Local people have grown Palethwe, Manaw Thukha, Hsinthukha, Yadanatoe, Pakhan Shwewah and Shwepyiaye paddy strains on 30,773 acres of farmlands with the use of irrigation facilities in Yesagyo Township in 2014-15 cultivation season.—Pe Tun Zaw (Yesagyo)

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