Fees for tourism industry licenses to be cut by half

Fees for all licenses granted by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MoHT) will be reduced by 50 per cent starting from 1st October, said U Tint Thwin, the director-general of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.
“The licenses granted by the ministry are: hotel licenses, tourism licenses, tour guide licenses and tourist transport business licenses. License fees are different from one another. We will scale down fees for all license to 50 per cent and also relax the rules requiring submission of recommendations,” he added.
The new rule will come into effect starting from 1st October. Those seeking licenses before then will have to pay the original prescribed fees.
The ministry warned that people who run hotels and tourism businesses without a license will be fined Ks50,000 and/or jailed for up to three years under section 23 of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism Law.
It added that action will be taken against those engaged in travel agencies without licenses upon the lapse of the awareness campaign period.
“We will encourage the hoteliers, motel proprietors and travel agents to hold licence during the awareness promotion period,” U Tint Thwin said.—200

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