Fencing along Hanthawaddy International Airport project area to be finalised this March

hanthawaddy international airport render 72
An artist’s impression of Hanthawaddy International Airport.

Fencing along the 8,200-foot Hanthawaddy International Airport project in the Bago Region is now 65 per cent complete, and it is expected to be finalised by the end of this financial year, according to a project engineer from the Department of Civil Aviation.
The fencing project is being implemented with a budget of Ks400 million. The department faced some difficulties while fencing the target area because of the presence of local restaurants and farmlands within the project area. The Bago Region government and the department held several negotiations with restaurant and farmland owners, following which the task was completed.
The total area to be fenced is 84,480 feet (16 miles). In the initial stage, the organising body allocated Ks400 million to fence 8,200 feet of the area within this fiscal year (FY); however, the executive body is trying to complete the project before 31 March.
The Hanthawaddy International Airport project is the largest of the three airport projects being undertaken to accommodate the growing number of foreign travellers to Myanmar. The number of tourist arrivals has also increased each year.
Located in the Bago Region, some 48 miles north-east of Yangon, the international airport is projected to handle up to 12 million passengers per year. It takes some 90 minutes for passengers to travel from Bago to Yangon by car. The cabinet members of the region will lead the coordination meeting on 30 January to roll out the compensation plan for squatters living in the 9,000-acre project area.—ShweU

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