Final rites held for late Presiding Nayaka of Maha Withutayama Myoma Zaygon Pariyatti Buddhist Learning Centre of Pyinmana in Nay Pyi Taw Sayadaw Bhaddanta Tejosara

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The final rites of Presiding Nayaka of Maha Withutayama Myoma Zaygon Pariyatti Buddhist Learning Centre of Pyinmana in Nay Pyi Taw, Head of Abhidhamma Course Sayadaw Bhaddanta Tejosara took place at the monastery yesterday afternoon.
The final rites ceremony was attended by members of the Sangha led by Secretary of Nay Pyi Taw Area Sangha Nayaka Committee Maha Ledi Sayadaw Bhaddanta Indavudha, officials from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, disciples and religious associations.
The Sayadaws, monks and disciples took Five Precepts form Ledi Sayadaw.
Then, Sayadaw Bhaddanta Sujana read the message of contrition sent by Sayadaws of Pyinmana Withutayama Zaygon monastery while Maubin Monastery Sayadaw Bhaddanta Sobhita read the message sent by township Sangha Nayaka Committee and Daw Sein Myint read the one sent by Abhidhamma Propagation Association of Pyinmana Township.
Sayadaw Bhaddanta Theravamsa of KyunU Monastery read the biography of the late Sayadaw.
Then, the respective religious associations and the State cultural troupe sang the song as paying homage to the remains of the late Sayadaw.
The officials donated the offertories to the Sayadaws. Then, Sayadaw Bhaddanta Sirikincana Bhivamsa of Maha Withokdayon Shwegyin Monastery delivered a sermon on contrition and the congregation shared merits gained.
Next, the disciples requested the late Sayadaw to forget their sins and then finally paid homage.
The remains of the Sayadaw was conveyed onto the Karaweik decorated float with the Gatha of Abhiyacana Nimantana. The remain of the Sayadaw was carried onto the decorated float and conveyed to the ground of the Phaung Taw Swel Pagoda where the crematorium is located.
Then, Abhiyacana Nimantana Gatha was recited for the conveyance of the remains of the Sayadaw to the crematorium and the process went according to the agenda.
Then, those in attendance paid homage to the Sayadaw’s remains. Members of the Sangha recited three stanzas of Sanvega Gatha starting Anicca Vata Sankhara, and Sadhu three times. Then, the remains of the Sayadaw was cremated. —MNA

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