Find out to remove subversive elements around us!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Sexagenarians, Septuagenarians and those above this age-group in our country have all experienced various kinds of governments in the past. Accordingly, we have lived under good and evil deeds of those governments. As youths, during those days, we were undeniably happy and we did enjoy a happy and easy going life. Adults and youths who completed higher education had to join government departments and corporations to earn a living. Some joined the army, whereas some eked out their living by running private businesses. In this way, some became rich and some remained poor, but most managed to live on their meager salaries. Generally speaking, it can be said that we did not find it difficult to support our families with our small salary. It will be a ridiculous thing if we say that the least salary—82 kyats per month was sufficient for a family with 3 family members for the whole month. That was attributed to the infinitesimal inflation rate in those days. The days are gone when a frugal family with 500 kyats per month could buy one tical of gold monthly.
    Power can ruin a person and absolute power can absolutely destroy him, his society and his world. On account of those who misappropriated power and authority conferred upon them, as if it were inherited property, our country had been deteriorating in every place. Bribery and corruption were everywhere on the move. People in power exercised nepotism and cronyism for their benefits, and concurrently imposed a glass-ceiling for their eternal survival. As a result, most people became morally bankrupt. Inflation rates are dreadfully skyrocketing. Crimes are increasing. We have had enough living under those kinds of governments that could not bring about any goodness for us, for our children and for our country. Being influenced by fear and anxiety, we lived for years, to be exact, since gaining our Independence, under the kind of government we deserved. Now the incomparably well-qualified and broad-minded leader who can lead us to our edifice of hope has been given to us. A good leader needs good followers. Here, a handful of good followers are not enough. All people who love truth and want to build a better society should try to become good followers, if possible. It may take time to change our society to the state we want. We should not forget that today’s youths will become the leaders of tomorrow. So, they are required to equip themselves with good qualities such as integrity and good character. Our broad-minded leaders are making efforts to fulfill these needs.
    Veterans mean persons who have a lot of experience in a particular area or activity. Our youths can study all they need to know from these persons. Here, I deeply want to say that youths must be careful to assess their deeds and make self-criticism. Because, some veterans are excellent in their respective fields but their deep-rooted bad habits can cause a contagious disease in the minds of our youths. It is necessary for our youths to approach veterans who have good character and good qualifications.
    Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor often says that the government and its ministers must be always at the service of the people, and need to try to be well-qualified to lead the country and to know the requirements of the people. At the time when we are all greatly desirous of a clean government and good governance, there are some who do not wish to see peace and prosperity in Myanmar. Attackers from outside can be seen easily, but subversive elements inside are difficult to be seen. While the government is performing its responsibilities, we also must take the responsibility to watch the dangers of these subversive elements.
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