Fourth-year performance of Kachin State government

Kachin State Chief Minister Dr Khet Aung attends a meeting to brief about reclamation of 220 acres in Kaungyar Village in Tanai Township.
Kachin State Chief Minister Dr Khet Aung attends a meeting to brief about reclamation of 220 acres in Kaungyar Village in Tanai Township.

By Shin Minn
Photo: Htein Nan Naw (Kachin State IPRD)

Steady development comes to the land of Manaw, boosting society and economy

Padan Manaw, Sut Mandaw, Ju Manaw, Gwum Manaw and Shadup Manaw from the land of Manaw are quintessential celebrations for the people of Kachin State.
Filled with admirable customs and traditions and mostly covered in snow and frost, Kachin State is also home to Myanmar’s tallest mountains Khakaborazi and Ganlanrazi.
The Kachin State government is working hard to drive development for the people of Kachin State and the lush forests and timeless culture residing in it.
When asked about his state government’s developmental policies, Kachin State Chief Minister Dr Khet Aung first said there are over 1.6 million people in the state who are from diverse backgrounds. He said they have visions and missions in place to ensure socioeconomic development and fulfill public necessities.
The state government envisions a future where the livelihoods of the public are developed, peace and stability are firmly entrenched between the ethnic groups, and illegal drugs are completely eradicated and they are putting in all their efforts to make it a reality.

Kachin State Chief Minister Dr Khet Aung
Kachin State Chief Minister Dr Khet Aung

Drug-free zone
“In our effort to eradicate illegal drugs, we’ve apprehended 2,824 suspects across 2,117 cases,” said Dr Khet Aung. “We’ve confiscated over 70,000g of various illegal drugs combined, over 1.6 million psychotropic tablets, 0.56 liters of extracted heroin oil, 35 motor vehicles, 683 motorcycles – a total of K9,267,898,991,000,000 – and destroy 496.23 acres of poppy plantations.”

Rule of law
When asked about the rule of law enforced in Kachin State, Dr Khet Aung said there were 93 cases under the ten major offenses that transpired within the fourth year and they successfully framed charges against 69 of those cases. He also said they framed charges against 1,237 out of 1,881 other cases.
There had been 25 cases of human trafficking during the fourth year period and the state government managed to frame charges for 20 cases while successfully implementing preventive measures for 4,374 cases that lowered crime rates.

Roads and bridges
The state government prioritized eight sections of the Myitkyina-Sumprabum-Putao highway in the fourth year of administration.
“Some significant infrastructure development we accomplished in our fourth year are the Myitkyina-Sumprabum-Putao road, Mandalay-Lashio-Banmaw-Myitkyina road, Shwebo-Myitkyina road, Manwayne-Chipwe-Lacaung-Htawgot-Phimaw road, Gwetaw-Injanyan road, Hopin-Nantmon-Nyaungpin-Hlekha road, Banmaw-Naunglike-Tarsaing road, and Machanbaw-Fruka-Yupbot-Naungmon road,” said Dr Khet Aung.
The state department of roads completed 9.6 miles of AC roads, 55.2 miles of concrete roads, 45.1 miles of tar roads, 5.1 miles of gravel roads, 1.2 miles of rough roads, and 46.7 miles of cliff-side road expansion.
The Kachin State government utilized K22.664 billion from the Union Fund and K49.582 billion from the state fund, a total of K72.246 billion, for 305 bridges under 50 feet, a bridge between 50 to 100 feet, and a bridge between 100 to 180 feet.
In addition, the Rural Road Development Department have used K31.9 billion for 171 miles of roads and 166 bridges in 2019.

State municipal development work
The state government prioritized the development of road and bridge networks within the state and the state municipal board took away the town entry fees to lessen the burden on the public.
“The state municipal development board utilized K639 million of the state fund for 46 road projects (26.2 miles), 10 bridges, and 6 water distribution and other projects,” said Dr Khet Aung. The board also used K3.151 billion of their funds for 194 road projects (26.6 miles), 117 bridges and 325 water distribution and other projects.

Electricity sector
In the electricity sector, the state government constructed the Upper Namhtwam hydropower station project in Putao District to supply 24hr electricity to 10 wards in Putao, 4 wards in Machanbaw, and 34 surrounding villages.
Dr Khet Aung said they have been working for 24hr electric generation for four years and have provided that to 32 towns so far. He said they have also provided electricity to 1,314 out of 2,539 villages.

Border region development
The Border Region and Ethnic Development Department utilized K7.5 billion for 50 bridge, 3 drinking water distribution, and 3 staff residences.

Transportation and communications
The state government erected 64 communication towers and opened 360 mobile phone centers to develop Kachin State’s communications sector. They also constructed vehicle terminals in Mohnyin and Banmaw.

Educations sector
Developing the human resource pool is an important task for states and regions and Kachin State government is developing the education sector to meet that task.
The state government upgraded 120 basic education schools and utilized K13.069 billion to construct 138 high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.
In addition, they used K23,344 million to build staff residences for state colleges, universities and training schools under the health department.

Health sector
“We used K3.41 billion from funds to construct the 4-storey patient ward for the 500-bedded Myitkyina hospital,” said Dr Khet Aung. “The building was completed on 31 December last year. We used K450 million from funds to construct the 2-storey RC building for the state medical treatment department and it was completed on 15 November last year.” To facilitate public recreational locations and where the public can enjoy healthy and fun activities, the state government constructed Sein Mya Aya Park and Minyat Sports Ground in Myitkyina, Sein Lae Tayar Park in Mohnyin Township, Ayamaw Park in Waingmaw Township including maintenance, upgradation and installing additional sports equipment.

Forming residences
The state government has been building staff residences for the civil servants of the Urban and Housing Development Department in Kachin State. In their fourth year of administration, the state government constructed 16 housing units with 256 rooms using K534 million from allotted funds for the UHD department staff.

Agricultural sector
While working for the socioeconomic development of the public, the Kachin State government has been tirelessly working to develop the agricultural sector as well.
Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank (MADB) issued a total of K34.261 billion in loans for 37,000 farmers of 254 villages, covering 244,000 acres of farmland, in the step towards socioeconomic development.
The state department of industry managed to form 4,795 acres of farmland for local cultivators and 100 acres using as scientific cultivation system.
For about 100,000 landholding cases, farming permits form-7 were legally issued to 96,354 farmers covering 525,520 acres. In addition, the state government is working hard to return confiscated farmlands to their original owners.
In the fourth year of Kachin State government administration, they resolved 231 cases of farmers who incurred losses and returned 39,397 acres of land to 1,335 farmers who were the original owners.

Forestry and metal sector
Kachin State produces precious metals, wood, gold and jade and has a large mining industry.
“Kachin State produced 32420 metric tonnes of raw metal, 2850 metric tonnes of lead, 1200 metric tonnes of marble, 110 metric tonnes of copper, and 600 metric tonnes of lead/copper mixed ores in this fourth year,” said Dr Khet Aung. “Similarly, we’ve produced 8592 tonnes of hardwood and 34638 tonnes of raw jade.”
The state government confiscated 44332 viss of illegal raw jade in this fourth year and seized 175 tonnes of illegal teak, 120 tonnes of hardwood and 557 tonnes of other wood, a total of 852 tonnes.
The state government also apprehended 290 cases of illegal vehicles, 86 motorcycles, and 3 three-wheelers, a total of 378 vehicles.

Investment sector
The Kachin State government succeeded in inviting five domestic companies and four foreign companies to invest in the region. Dr Khet Aung said the investment created 318 jobs for local residents.

Bank erosion prevention
The state water resource and water body development department utilized K5.961 billion for 7 projects on Myitkyina District, 13 in Banmaw District, 8 in Mohnyin District, and 8 in Putao District, a total 36 projects. This has protected residents living along rivers and streams from floods.
The Kachin State government has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the public along the four years of administration despite overwhelming challenges on the path towards development. They will continue to do so in their remaining term period to better serve the public interest. (Translated by Pen Dali)

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