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[dropcap font=”0″]L[/dropcap]ife is being consumed by time. Within the life span we humans have passed through the different era or age due to the efforts of the same race. We need to live or deal each other with the current flow of age and era in harmonious way. Gradually the old ones are being replaced with the new ones in human society. Here old ones and new ones stand for both animate and inanimate things. This inevitable event is regarded as a natural process. When we see from human perspective, humans always want to change for their betterment of life or survival. Homo sapiens are doing their duties of nature i.e. reproducing new generation. There is a generation gap between the old and the new generation. There are different aspects, ideas, attitude and practice between the elderly and the youths  in the life of modern age. The elderly usually disagree with the youths of their ideas, aspects, attitude and practice in social situations. They never ever compromise with the youths in solving the human problems such as life style, superstitious beliefs, modernity and human rights. We must bear in mind that we should not neglect or discard Myanmar customs but we must not impede the current flow of age by any means. However, the fuddy-duddies  even argue whatever the youth discuss or propose something or ask for approval from them. They usually want to grip their old-fashioned ideas and principles firmly. The youths  pay due respect to them, but unfortunately fuddy-duddies do not take interest in the endeavor or modern concepts or outlook of the youths. They never compromise nor understand the wish or aspiration of the youths. So the youths are reluctant to discuss with them or to consult with fuddy-duddies as they  never consider the comments, criticism, opinions and attitude of others about the topic pertaining to social issues. They are always stubborn to work together with youths  for making social progress and political reform. They do not wish to harmonize with socio-economic evolution, but try to disrupt the potential progress. Apparently, their mindsets are rather out- of- date. Besides, they are so cussed that they always do the opposite of what the youth ask for something. Their opinions are always opposite. Due to these negative attitude and perverted behaviors of fuddy-duddies, the youths are frustrated bitterly and eventually the fuddy-duddies are neglected for further tasks or future plan of the society. Instead of cooperating with the youths in striving for the sake of progress and harmony in the society, fuddy-duddies firmly hold their mindsets which are no longer suitable or appropriate with the modern age or new era of a certain society. Actually, the youths are energetic, honest, frank and obliging to make progress of their society.
The manner and behavior of hoity-toity persons are absolutely disgusting .The simple people do not want to deal with them. In human society, such type of people must be dissociated in social dealing. Every decent person dislikes these manner and behavior of hoity-toity persons. A hoity-toity person is hated by the majority people in the society. However, those subservient people around him or her can tolerate his or her haughty behavior because the subservient people gain some benefits from him or her for themselves. Naturally, this type of bad disposition can be found in the minds of aristocrats or despots or corrupt officials indeed. They treat simple or ordinary people arrogantly and selfishly in the society. They have authority and they try to dominate general public those who are of their under administration in the society. The hoity-toity persons undertaking public service or public affairs behave as if they are benefactors of the general public and they do despise the public concerned.
Reciprocally, the public concerned express disgust at the hoity-toity administrators. Thus, the relations between general public and the hoity-toity administrators become discordant. The attempt or efforts for the progress and harmony are totally impossible for a certain society. Obviously, this impediment is caused by the hoity-toity officials indeed. Consequently, this situation undermines the public credibility. Because of their stupidity, mindsets and malpractice, they lose the trust of general public. If they wish to make progress of the society, they ought to get rid of their mindsets. They should realize that their bad behavior is doing harm to the interest of the society and the public concerned. They pessimistically view the endeavor of the youths.
The act of jiggery-pokery can be seen or heard in the political fields. It is a dirty trick among the politicians. The scoundrels usually try to take shelter of politics as their last refuge. The persons who act jiggery-pokery, intend to gain some unjust or unfair winning over others. Since having no ability or no qualification or no public support to compete or participate in contest, they use this technique to trick among the contestants in order to convince the general public that the race is free and fair.This situation can be seen in both developed and developing countries in the world. The gullible people are indeed cheated by the act of jiggery-pokery. This kind of trick is especially used for the contestation in political field. e.g In some countries, the elections for Presidency or Parliament members or Multi- Parties were being rigged. So this act or trick may be called jiggery-pokery. This kind of malpractice can be seen in the corrupt administration or in political race of ideologies. Consequently, due to unfair and unjust contestation, the majority people are really not happy about the outcome or result and disagreement or conflicts arise within that society.
Likewise, in the business fields, the businessmen are competing each other for gaining more opportunities and doing more business. In this circumstance, some businessmen use the technique of jiggery-pokkery among themselves to win the award of business licence or permit from the authorities concerned. This means that the cunning businessmen cheat and knock the simple businessmen out in the business fields or business contest. Moreover, the cunning businessmen bribe the corrupt higher rank officials into issuing permit or license or franchise of specific business ownership. E.g. some dishonest tycoons rig prices or rig financial markets for attaining great or huge profit. Actually, the act of these persons is an unjust way of winning other fellow businessmen around them. The acts of cheating, deceiving and exploiting are commonly seen or heard in the business competitions in the world nowadays. Particular businessmen seem greedier and more selfish than before so they use this kind of trick, known as jiggery-pokery indeed.
Jiggery-pokery is going on even among the service personnel for gaining the higher positions which provide them with more benefits, better facilities and authority. Some service personnel dare to deceive fellow staff if they have chance to get promotion as well. These situations have a detrimental effect on particular society’s progress and harmony among fellow citizens. It can be inferred that jiggery-pokery is a fraud committed by the dishonest persons. Normally the act of jiggery-pokery is a deception practiced by crooked persons, who intend to take advantage or to exploit other people in some societies in the world. The virtuous people or the honest people regard this act as abhorrence.
In clear conclusion, the aforesaid persons are the ones who impede or hinder the progress and harmony in a certain society as they are being selfish, stubborn, pessimistic and crooked. Such persons should not be included in any nation building tasks in any society on earth. Certainly they will never change their mindsets and stupidity and never admit that they are out of society!!!!

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