Government officials meet locals in Maungtaw

U Nyi Pu, Rakhine State Chief Minister, U KhinMaung Tin, Deputy Minister for the Ministry of the State Counsellor’s Office and responsible officials from the Multi-Religions Friendship Association went to Maungtaw region yesterday, near where extremists from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) committed attacks, which has been described as a terrorist group, and met with local people.

The officials arrived at the office of Yathedaung township general administration, meeting local nationals and followers of Hinduism and Islam to ask their opinion of the terrorist attacks.

Following that, the officials went to Maungtaw, meeting Colonel Phone Tint, State Security and Border Affairs Minister, U Ye Htut, district administrator, departmental heads, town-elders, local nationals as well as Christian, Hindu and Islamic residents.

In the meeting, Chief Minister said, “Union Government and State Cabinet are dealing with many difficulties and challenges during just over a one-year period. As known by all, the affair of the Maungtaw region is not only the affair of Rakhine State, but also a national affair, so it is being deeply and soberly dealt with. Now is the time for us to build peace and stability in the nation. It is firmly believed that the Union Government, State Cabinet and all the responsible officials are essential to cooperate in unity so that the future will become the best.”

U Khin Maung Tin, Deputy Minister for the Ministry of the State Counsellor’s Office, said that the officials came here for the multi-religions friendship association to be well convinced of the actual situations on the ground and to make people from home and abroad know more about the situation.

The officials then went to Buthidaung, meeting with local nationals and followers from different religions at the office of the township general administration department.
According to the statistics collected as of 4 September, 59 villages and 6,842 houses were burnt down, an estimated loss of Ks600 million. It is learnt that 6,158 families consisting of 26,747 people were displaced.—Myanmar News Agency

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