Hail 101st Anniversary of National Day with nationalistic spirit


The nationalistic spirit is crucial for the perpetual existence of the country and the national. In fact, the nationalistic spirit is not totally concerned with the chauvinism among national brethren.
However, scrupulous persons accuse some national races of holding up chauvinism with attempts to undermine the nationalistic spirit through the wicked conspiracy. That is why all the national races need to beware of the conspiracy of those scrupulous persons all the time.
The spirit and behaviours of loving the country and the national races need to be nurtured and enhanced. All generations are responsible for discharging the inborn duty to develop the nation and nationals and safeguard the perpetual existence of sovereignty of the nation by firmly upholding the nationalistic spirit.
The nationalistic spirit was conceived in the student boycott on the 10th waning of Tazaungmon, 1282 Myanmar Era. It was a defiance of the students of Yangon University against the Yangon University Act enacted by the colonialist government. It was a spark to develop the national education, nationalistic spirit and national spirit leading to the independence struggle.
The education system implemented by the British colonialists was not intended to modernize the country and Myanmar people but to support the colonialist administrative mechanism. Such a kind of education was just for those who were loyal to the colonialist government.
Educated Myanmar citizens and university students wished to uplift the education standard of the people in addition to political, social and economic affairs. It was because the colonialist government intentionally suppressed the nationalistic spirit of Myanmar national races by degrading Myanmar’s education standard although the monastic education could improve the national culture and education qualification in the past.
After regaining independence, the successive governments have been focusing on the promotion of educational qualification of the people for many years while fostering the nationalistic spirit by taking lessons from the past events of the colonial era. Not to forget the national endeavours in independence struggle based on the nationalistic spirit, efforts are being made for marking the national day yearly.
The 101st Anniversary of National Day which is one of the significant days of the nation will fall soon on 28 November 2021. Everybody needs to keep the nationalistic spirit in their minds without fail in marching towards the Union based on democracy and federalism.

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