History students go on excursion to Bagan

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Narathihapate Pagoda in Bagan. Photo: Thiha Tun

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Thirty-four students of Myanmar History and Culture Diploma Course No. 3, Department of History, University of Yangon visited Bagan to tour the archaeological zone from 28 September to 1 October.
The group went on an excursion tour led by Professor Margaret Wong, head of the Department of History at the University of Yangon, with retired professor Dr U Kyaw Win, Secretary of the Myanmar Historical Commission, Dr  Myint Thein, Retired Deputy Director-General of Department of Historical Research and a member of Myanmar Historical Commission, and U Than Lwin, retired professor and a member of Myanmar Historical Commission.
During the excursion, students visited Bagan’s historic pagodas, literature, arts, culture and architecture, recorded Bagan era lifestyle and wall paintings, stone sculptures as well as religious and cultural activities.


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Myanmar History and Culture Diploma students tour the Bagan archaeological zone. Photo: Thiha Tun

Thiha Tun

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